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False Memories or ……. a Parallel Universe ?

He sais, She sais
By Korifaeus

Just now i saw an article in today’s New York Times, while checking the News on Google. The article is about the creation of ” False Memory” , Titled : “How to make Memories of Things that never were “. Link, see > http://www.nytimes.com/2013/07/26/science/false-memory-planted-in-a-mouse-brain-study-shows.html?_r=0

I’m fascinated with the subject of memories, especially for the last few years, because i’ve been suspecting a lot of people are either forgetting their memory – none related to Alzheimer’s or Dementia – or …….
1. repeat false memories of other folks, ‘cuz they didn’t remember, perhaps, but don’t want to admit they forgot, fearing they come across as having dementia, perhaps, or …

2. they make stuff up, or ……

3. they dreamed something which the brain downloads into a channel right next to where memories are stored, or …….

4. envisioned ( day dreaming/fantasy/imagination ) something which is stored in the memory cells and may after a few years be mistaken with real memories, or…

5. had taken drugs at some point ( LSD) while imagining a surreal reality, imagining something, thus creating a sub-reality while observing their surroundings = their fantasy or interpretation of the real situation is involuntarily or voluntarily distorted while with friends, by which two memories are created, and one authorized by the conscious brain to become “THE” memory, even if it was the fantasy, or…….

6. light-enduced memory, for example via Television images, etc. specifically digital TV, whose light rays are small enough to easily be absorbed through the pupils and then by the brain and finally into the memory cells, as is done when intentionally trying to change memories, for various reasons; “Ether Therapy” , for example, as was done in the 1960’s in Germany and Switzerland to Zigeuner children taken from their parents and placed into Foster families after having undergone Ether Therapy to eradicate their former memory, ( brain washing) then replacing it with memories of the new family, supposedly done to make it easier on the children to adapt, not suffer loss, abandonment, etc., or as in the Movie, The Manchurian Candidate, or….

7. due to Anesthesia received when undergoing surgery, which has resulted in some cases in memory loss, or a different memory, or…….

8. too much Vitamin D3 supplements which may result in hyper calcemia, proven too cause premature calcification of the brain = memory loss.

The above are some examples as to how false or a different memory can come about; in cases like “Ether therapy”, by which young children were given small amounts of Ether to cause a semi-conscious state, while at the same time given Impletol injections ( a Caffeine substance) so to have a heightened state of alertness when “receiving” information, to over-write the existing memory; the brain may recover its old memory IF the memory was positive, thus a powerful one.

For example when the grown up experiences shock or a traumatic event, the brain may recover the old memory, in which the person remembers feeling great love, belonging, thus “comfort” and finally “awakens” from what is called an ” Ether sleep”. Reminiscent in a way of Salvador Dali’s, ” Persistence of Memory”.

Ether/Impletol therapy, however, was also used for healing, as in Neural Therapy, by which old memory – the cell’s knowledge of illness, or suffering – was replaced with a new memory – a positive one, by which it was hoped the cells recover and normalize through the loss of the former malfunctioning cell’s memory- similar to using stem cells,by which the young stem cells are louder, stronger, more powerful, thus able to basically dictate how cells should be working = cells creating a new memory for the existing cells, who adapt to the “new Program”.

But regardless of the various reason as to how a false or different memory may come about, in recent years i myself experienced a few things that were quite peculiar – so much so i would not blame anyone if perhaps they suspected i was exchanged with a double, as do people who some Psychiatrists insist suffer from ” Capgras Delusion”, believe = that people close to them, or they know, have been replaced by a double; the symptom of Capgras Delusion.

If anyone would suspect this, as in the following REAL life experiences i found myself, i would in no way suspect they suffer from a Mental disorder.

I travel frequently, east coast – west coast, DC by train, or overseas; the terrific thing when traveling is one creates evidence as to the places one was at a specific time; airplane tickets, receipts, hotel bills, Immigration entry stamps into the passport of different countries, and who knew i’d ever need such evidence.

Several years ago i came back from a very long stay ( about a month ) in Arabia. I went to see my internist, i’d known for a dozen years, after i came back. He asked me how my “murmur” was. I never had a murmur, thus was a bit what surprised at his question, telling him i never had a murmur (?).

“Hmm”, was his wondering reaction, then looked into my file, my medical record, and asked if i’m still allergic to MSG. I’ve never been allergic to MSG, in fact, i never had any allergies.

My Doctor looks at the file:” Hmmm”, then asked,how about my allergy to shell-fish ?
I don’t have any allergies to Shell fish. I eat shrimps all the time, though i don’t eat REAL shell-fish, as in mussels, clams, etc. but not because of allergies, they taste muddy to me.

Doctor:” Hmmm”.

Naturally my initial question was :” Are you sure you have MY chart ?” Yes, he did.

Fast forward; i go back to NY and was astonished to find out i had long talks with folks in parks. Folks i did not know approached me by name in a market and on the street, telling me i met up with them at a time i couldn’t even have been in NY, with the passport’s stamps to prove it, since i was in Arabia the entire months.

“Maybe it was in July and i made a mistake”, they suggested. In July that year, however, i wasn’t in NY either, nor was i in the U.S. for most of the Spring and in no way during the summer.

I don’t know who it was these people met, but it couldn’t have been me, plus i’m sure i’d remember; i pride myself with my memory, specifically when it comes to faces.

A year later i go to my dentist for teeth cleaning who suddenly takes off his rubber gloves, then tells me he just remembered i’m allergic to “latex” gloves.
Me ? I’m not allergic to latex; i’m not allergic to anything.

He then shows me my chart and indeed, it states under allergies:” Allergic to Latex”. “Who wrote that ?”, i inquire, to which he tells me, i did. It didn’t look like my handwriting and made no sense that i would write an allergy i don’t have, thus joked and said:” Should my double come into this office again, pretending to be me, tell her i’m not allergic to latex”.

He laughed, i laughed, but it was most peculiar, because it was not the first time. Suddenly my med chart and dentist chart was listed with allergies i never had.

Since then i’ve periodically been stopped by folks who know my name, but have a memory of me that can be proven via black on white evidence, to be false, i couldn’t have possibly been where they said i was, since i was somewhere else, plus i don’t even know these people.

I run into a mailman who used to serve the building i live in; we talk, say hello, then he tells me about Tesla, someone we discussed in my lobby, according to him. I don’t remember ever having discussed anything with him in the lobby, outside of saying hello to one another, or Merry Christmas, and such. Aside from that i didn’t even know who Tesla was and had to look it up. No way i discussed it with him, since it’s not a subject of my interest.

I asked the doorman if he’d seen me discuss things with the mail man, but he had no memory of such, either.

What i found most odd was that these people met with me ONLY at times when i couldn’t have been in the different cities; either NY, LA, or DC, where i was told i had some chats, as well, with folks i never met before. What’s even more peculiar is that my Doctors ( internist and dentist) had allergies listed, in my med file, i never had.

Could i have a double playing a practical joke on me ? Who could get away with playing or portraying me ? To look similar to me – okay, there is a saying everyone has a double, a look-alike. There’s a saying there are 7 of each of us. To look similar to me and be 6 foot 2 in height ? Less probable, but hey, what do i know ?

Then i remembered 1992 – i was in Los Angeles during the Los Angeles Riots and had an official appointment where i had to bring personal documents such as Passport, Birth Certificate, Bank Accounts, Drivers license – the whole shebang. I had it in a fanny pack around my hips, went to grab a coffee first, then went to my car when…. a fist hit my right cheek and my fanny pack was gone. Luckily i had the car keys in my hands.

I experienced shock, shivered; never having been hit and robbed. Long story short, the police arrived, called by a store keeper. The officers were lovely, comforted me, took the description of the robber and details as to what happened, telling me they may find the fanny pack in a dumpster down the alley where it’s usually thrown after the money is removed.

No such luck, though, we didn’t find it.
Not long after i received calls from my bank, the account was emptied and over drawn, it was closed – thank goodness i had the police report. A few months after i received letters from folks i don’t know, etc. which i brought to the police – someone was walking around with my ID pretending to be me.

It was a pain in the butt to get all the documents re-issued, as it was, but to deal with someone walking around with one’s identity ?

Thus when approached by folks i don’t know, i began wondering if someone was after all these years still walking around with my identity. Apparently from what i gathered from people who supposedly discuss various things with me, my impersonator, or double, knows martial art. I don’t – i’m too lazy for strenuous physical exercises, though i’ve created some martial art comedy sketches, like “Skunk Foo, Fartial Artist” ; i prefer tennis, swimming and walking when it comes to sports.

She’s apparently allergic to various things, like latex, shellfish, MSG, has a murmur and knows about things like Tesla. I don’t have any allergies and know zilsh about things like Tesla.

She’s also said to have a “hitch-hiker’s thumb”, which is a double jointed thumb able to bent backwards. It’s a dominant Mendelian marker. My thumbs are fairly straight, i can’t even push them backwards.

My double seems to be left handed and/or ambidextrous. I’m right handed.

Really odd is especially when being told, ” Oh wow, your hair got so long”.
My hair was always long, since i was a child; my hair was never cut, nor do i ever cut it, to please my father, whose wish it was that i’ll never cut my hair ( SAMSON ?), thus i will respect his wish for as long as i live.

Only recently i met with a friend and he insists i gave him a t-shirt as a gift. It’s totally out of character for me to give someone a T-shirt, or clothing. I did give him a present, but it was a cartoonish funny drawing, which he in return does not have any memory of, even though we discussed the cartoon at great length and making fun of it.

Thus if someone were to suggest i replaced someone, they believe to be the actual me, so different from the real me, i would give it the benefit of doubt, considering all of the above, before diagnosing someone with Capgras Delusion. I don’t doubt these people met someone similar looking to me, because i saw a photo i was sent some time back, that could easily look like me, if it wasn’t for some specific details in features that just don’t fit.

When Psychiatrists, like Carol Berman, for example, who appears to be obsessed with Capgras Delusion, writing articles about patients of hers, while each of the articles is supposedly about a different patient while yet it’s the same exact story again and again, ( which makes one question her sincerity) really doubt that it’s possible to replace someone in the age of ” The Riches” – a TV show based on the age of Identity theft, – the age of computer hacking and “phishing” for personal info, as well as Plastic Surgery, i could provide them with the photo i was sent which could easily be mistaken for me, if it wasn’t for some very obvious differences in detail, as far as features are concerned.

A great twist, regarding Psychiatrists like Carol Berman, who seem so very unlike any serious Psychiatrist, = MD’s, would be that THEY stole the identity of Psychiatrists, thus replacing the real ones, and to assure no one would dare suggest they did, they’re very loud about Capgras Disorder, so to intimidate anyone from suggesting they replaced/stole the identity of real Psychiatrists. That would be a fun twist idea for a movie.

And if the above mentioned examples and possibilities aren’t enough to first be a devil’s advocate, before diagnosing folks as insane, throw the ball as far as you can to see where it lands ( an allegorical classic scientist approach ) and for all we know it will land on the concept of the Collision of the Parallel Universe, by which both worlds – (Parallel/ Mirror World ) intertwined in 2005, as suggested by Prof Hawking, i believe, who suggested the earth was flying through a “Black Hole” , which absorbs ” memory” – causing people to lose their Memory.

If that’s not enough either, to take into consideration, then there is the scientific explanation of Radio waves, ( TV, WI-FI Internet) – invisible waves – with no visible evidence of their existence, while yet they clearly exist, within which are sounds, still and moving pictures in living color, which become visible and EVIDENT only when received by the tool able to transmit these images and sounds, the same way our thoughts are “waves” and can easily be received by those who’re on the same “wave length”.

And since there is no difference between “Brain Waves” and Radio or TV “waves, outside of the different frequencies, no doubt some waves may be absorbed into the memory cells and partially over write some memories.


If Leonardo Da Vinci in the 15/16 hundreds could come up with that, and Kandinsky in the early 20th Century communicated it via this painting, for example,…….
( which communicated the same idea/theory as the drawing above)
Kandinsky 35

…….surely we can take it into consideration in the 21st century ?
Or, have those two already been forgotten ? 😉

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