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Apropos ” Memories” – The Reality of Surreality

By Korifaeus

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Regarding “false memories” as mentioned in the previous article, ( Article Link ) here an experience i’ve been pondering over for years, wondering how much of our dreams may well be a past or future reality – a memory in the making.

Many years ago, before Plasma TV Flat-screens came into our living rooms and public places, i had repeated dreams, the same dream, of sitting at a bar of a pub-like place where a huge monitor screen hung below the ceiling, behind the bar, with folks at the bar watching a baseball game showing on that big monitor. It was a surreal dream.

Two seats to my right, i dreamed, sat a man wearing an olive green safari jacket of sort, similar to the ones guys in the sixties/early seventies wore; they used to call them “Parka”.
He smoked a pipe – it was in the days before the smoking prohibitions when folks could still smoke in bars, pubs and restaurants.

Though the man did not look familiar to me, consciously, during my dream i knew him, thus looked repeatedly to the right, but he did not appear to recognize me. He then got up from his seat, came toward me, but bent over the bar to retrieve something from behind the bar, then went back to his seat.

I constantly looked at his profile, while he watched the baseball game on these giant monitors, totally sure i knew him but was astonished he didn’t seem to recognize me. When suddenly, while dreaming, i was aware it was just a dream, thus realized he couldn’t recognize me, since it was only a dream, then i’d wake up.

Mind you, just before waking up i gained awareness, “while still dreaming”, that what i observed was just a dream, which is wild, when thinking about it.

I had this same exact dream repeatedly and every time i woke up, i wondered what kind of bar that was, because i never go to bars, or pubs, nor sit at any bars. The place didn’t look like any place i knew or remembered, and when awaking i had no clue who the man was, i felt sure i knew during the dream.

Years went by and occasionally i dreamed that dream again here and there.

A few years ago a PJ Clarke’s opens at Lincoln Square, which is not far from where i live, thus after walking past it several times, i finally, one night, went inside to get a hamburger and since it was crowded i decided to sit at the bar.

The moment i sat at the bar i felt the strangest sensation when suddenly i realized THAT was the exact seat and the exact same bar, plus the exact same huge monitor hanging under the ceiling behind the bar, showing a baseball game, i saw/experienced in the dream i had years before PJ Clarke’s opened at that location – years before flat screens came out.

It’s immensely fascinating because how could that be ? How could i have dreamed of something years before it even existed ? Is the dream state the “Parallel Universe” – a concept conceived ages ago, possibly due to Philosophers experiencing similar situations ? Are the people we meet in dreams, know in dreams, but are total strangers to us with no memory of ever having known or met these people upon awaking from the dream, folks who exist, who we may meet and know in the future ?

When i was about 6/7 years old we lived in Germany for a while, before moving to Switzerland. One sunday our parents took us to a Zoo and i was mesmerized by a big Gorilla in a cage made of iron rods. I felt how he looked right into my eyes and it must have left such an impression on me, i dreamed of the Gorilla that night.

I dreamed i went to get the key to my father’s desk drawer, in which he kept private papers, always locking that drawer, and placing the key on top the desk next to the letter opener. I took the key, ( in my dream ), went to the Zoo and it fit into the lock of the Gorilla cage, and freed the Gorilla.

The next morning ( true story) my father read his Newspaper at the breakfast table, as he always did, and the headline stated: ( translated Paraphrase) ” Gorilla escaped from Zoo”, with a big picture of the gorilla. I swear i felt joy and guilt at the same time, because as a little 6/7 years old i felt as though i really did free the Gorilla in my dream, which was “thrilling” , like ” YEAH i did it”, while at the same time i felt guilt because it was in the papers.

Of course it was just a dream, but no one really knows what “dreams” are – where we are – the place of the subconscious experience ; where that IS and where exactly it takes place. I never forgot that dream of the Gorilla. The coincidence of dream and reality was quite powerful, so that, as a little child, for a while, i believed that all i needed to do to change things was to “dream” about it.

Ah, the innocence and magical surreality of childhood; who’d want to grow up ? I still enjoy dreaming; can’t wait to get into bed at night and dream – it’s a delight i indulge in to the fullest.

What dreams may come ……. 😉



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