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The Great Contributions of the French

A Lemon
By Korifaeus

Ye just gotta give it to the French; credit, that is. They’ve pulled things off other nations could only dream of, outside of the Dutch that is (and the English, and, need i go on ?) 😉

The French, however, pulled things off that go beyond Chutzpah. Take Frog legs, a French culinary delicacy, for example. Who in the world would think of preparing a dish involving “Frog legs”?
The French.

No one really knows what behooved the French to think of creating a dish from Frog legs; perhaps at some time they had a frog plaque and a clever chef thought of a way to not only get rid of the frogs, but benefit from it a la feeding the people whose harvest was sour during the frog plague and financially benefit from it and voila, “Cuisses de grenouille” came into being, which does sound a lot better than frog legs on a menu.

Though dietary health laws, dating back to the antiquities, recommended Amphibians not suited for human consumption, the French had none of it and pulled it off, creating a Frog leg dish and folks really ate and eat it, and its called a delicacy.

Who would have ever thought of preparing a dish involving “snails” ? The French. Perhaps there once was a snail plaque, as well, and the same clever chef thought of a sure way to get rid of the snails, plus feed the folks whose harvest was sour due to the snail plaque, and financially benefit from it.

Of course that clever French chef realized that no one in their right mind would order “snails” from a menu, which doesn’t sound very appetizing, thus voila… “Escargot”, pronounced Es-car-go”, was invented.

Aside from the fact that snails have zero nutritional value, with a texture of soft rubber, they were also one of the first species ( next to Amphibians) mentioned in dietary health laws dating back to the antiquities, not recommended for human consumption, either, because unless VERY thoroughly cleaned, they’re quite poisonous.

But, the French, once again, pulled it off; all it took is to cover them snails in deliciously hot herbal garlic butter and people will eat it. Might as well just order melted herbal garlic butter and dip some baguette into it, but…..
….what to do with all them snails ?

Then there is the expression, “Lemon” for a really terribly bad car. I doubt the great carmakers of the time would have ever thunk of naming one of their cars, Lemon, as in ‘ The Ford Model T’ and the newest, the Ford Lemon, or such. It would have been a joke; who’d buy a lemon ?

But, the French, once again, pulled it of. They built a car and called it “Citroën”, which means “Lemon”.


It’s next to eastern European cars, of USSR times, the worst cars to’ve ever been designed and manufactured, but the French take great pride in their lemons.

Have you ever heard anyone working hard to become successful say,:”When i’m successful i’ll buy myself a “French car”. ?



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