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The ” Private” SEX factor of cheating Politicians

The Seducers
By Korifaeus

Does it matter if a Public servant, an elected official, a person in a leading position of Government is unfaithful to his wife, husband, mate ? Or is it a “private” matter which has no relevance as to the job he or she performs ?

Former Governor Eliot Spitzer is running for Public Office again, this time for the position of Controller, while former Congressman Anthony Weiner is trying to become Mayor of New York.

As most of us know both got into trouble, which according to the media involved sexual side-stepping, prompting them to resign. Funny thing first, their names; what’s in the name ? The word ” Spitzer” in German has a quadruple meaning; Spitz means ” sharp” as well as horny. But ” Spitz” is also the German word for a Pomeranian Dog and a “Spitz”, or Spitzel, is a word for a spy.

When the media originally reported on former Governor Spitzer having side-stepped, German speaking folks grinned to themselves because of his name, ” Spitzer”; like, hey what ye expect from a Spitzer ? Not to be Spitz ( horny) ?

Mister Weiner, too, has a funny name in relation to what he got caught doing, according to the press. We pronounce Mister Weiner’s name, ” Wiener” ; with a long ee, and we all know what a Wiener is – it’s a person from the Capital of Austria……and a thin long knockwurst, also called a ” Hot Dog”. What to expect from a hot “dog” ? It’s a Wiener, for goodness sakes.

Not every Politician has been as fortunate to’ve had a name that fit his media image, though. Clinton, for example – a meaningless name really, considering his media image. t’s no surprise the media didn’t have much “fun” with his sexual reputation, ‘cuz there is no pun to it, as opposed to Congressman Weiner supposedly caught with his pants down ?

But let’s get a bit more serious about the matter of people side-stepping in their marriages (according to the press), getting caught and feeling the need to resign. It’s a ” private” matter between the married people, isn’t it ? Everyone has a right to their private lives and it’s between husband and wife, correct ?

I wholeheartedly agree. I believe sexuality is a VERY private matter and i couldn’t care less if married men or women have boy friends or girl friends on the side, go to bordellos, swingers clubs or engage otherwise in kinky sex. It’s THEIR lives, their marriage – whatever makes people happy. Schtup at your heart’s content, if you must. It’s none of “my” business.

When it comes to public servants, politicians, and specifically folks in leading positions of our Government, however, it’s a whole other story. It’s not about having no right to privacy, nor is it about imprudence, nor the fact of cheating on their spouses, rather about “corruption”

Assuming a person, male or female, elected for a leading position in our Government can easily be seduced by the opposite or same sex, such a person can become vulnerable to black mail.. To protect his/her reputation, as well as his/her family, the person may follow ail of the black mailer’s wishes and do what is asked of him/her, possibly granting political favors – construction jobs to a specific company instead of granting it to the fairest and most appropriate bidder. The elected official no longer works for ” The People”, rather for the black mailer.

Assuming a person in a high position ( Secretary of State, Speaker of the House, General, or President) was able to be seduced by someone working for a foreign country with special interests ? The high ranking official may sell the country (“The People” ) out to protect his/her reputation.

The slightest “black mail” vulnerability of an elected official can result in corruption and that’s the problem when it comes to having affairs, or living a secret life a person does not wish the public to know about.

Someone who’s not in control of him/herself can become a danger to the country – a danger to the security ( militarily, economically, etc) of a country. And that’s the problem, as in the main argument, against leading people in Government cheating on their spouses, etc. – it’s not about a Sex Act – who cares ? It’s about putting the country’s safety in jeopardy by taking the chance of possibly becoming a “slave” to a black mailer.

Remember the Lewinsky affair ? I couldn’t have cared less if Clinton had strippers come to the White House engaging in sex orgies with friends renting the Lincoln bedroom. It was not about the Sex-act.

But it was a very entertaining time as far as media coverage and public opinion was concerned, because it gave us a terrific insight as to what is perceived to be so “terrible” should a President be actually caught in having had a secret something outside of his marriage, easily seduced not by a “professional” seductress working for a possible enemy, but by an intern = a Man in the highest office of a country lacking so much Self Discipline and ” CONTROL over HIMSELF” to Jeopardize the safety of the country and its people, by making himself vulnerable to black mail.

And THAT is the point. It’s NOT about SEX – it’s about ” Bad Judgement” and people with “Bad Judgement” should not be in any position of Government, either locally nor nationally.



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