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A lucky Independence Day for Wholefoods and my left Heel

The Left Heel
By Korifaeus

It’s 4th of July – A national Holiday in our country for we celebrate the Independence of the United States of America, thus to have some juice and snacks in the house for later-on when the fireworks start, i stopped at Wholefoods market at Columbus Circle, on my way home.

I pick up the three items i wanted, got into the line for the register when suddenly……. OUCH. Someone behind me slammed their shopping cart into my left heel; not “nipped” my left heel – not “bumped” my left heel – no, SLAMMED the cart into my left heel.

It hurt SO badly, i lifted up my long summer dress and see the blood spouting out of the wound on the back of my left heel, then looked behind me and see a couple, the man behind the cart who then realized he PHYSICALLY hurt me, seeing the blood on my heel.

If you ever had someone slam a shopping cart into the heel of your foot you know it hurts and anger comes from hurt and i was angry that a person slammed their cart into my heel so badly that it broke the skin and bled, aside from it really hurting, thus i asked the man in a VERY assertive voice:” How much taller do i have to grow for you to’ve seen me right in front of you ?”
( Note, i’m 6 foot 2 )

“I’m sorry”, he said with his wife standing beside him, apparently embarrassed since it was very obvious that my heel was bleeding, caused by her husband’s oversight.

This is America, the land of way too many lawsuits, thus it’s not improbable that the man may have feared i call the security of the store, then take down his personal information and sue him for damages, him having “physically injured” me. If he’s a lawyer he may well have thought that way, too, and if he’s someone who has or would sue someone for such injuries, he would think that way, as well.

Of course it’s embarrassing for him and i don’t think he did it on purpose ( he better not), but how “cool” can one remain knowing one just physically harmed a person, that all one utters is a hardly audible ” i’m sorry ” with no efforts on HIS part to perhaps try to comfort the injured person, getting someone from the supermarket to tend to the wound, or get a “napkin” so the blood doesn’t drip all over the floor, which it did ?

I’ve always been a fan of Big Brother and it’s surveillance system with much of everyone actions caught on camera, but just then i was especially glad because …….

…the supermarket was crowded – every register line was full, dozens upon dozens of people, most of whom witnessed me having been injured by someone slamming the cart into my left heel, with me now standing there with a slightly raised long dress and the blood dripping out of the wound, and apparently in pain, ‘cuz darn it, it hurt.

Some shook their heads, in reference to the man with the cart, many looked at my bleeding heel, then looked away when i looked at their faces; nobody offered assistance while observing the blood dripping out of my skin, running down my foot, when suddenly a middle eastern gentleman, there with his wife, said excuse me, which prompted me to turn around; he suggested i should stay right there, he’s going to get me a few napkins.

He came back within a few moments and handed me a bundle of napkins, and i was OH SO GRATEFUL, not only for the napkins with which i could clean and absorb the blood on the heel, but that there was at least one person acting like a “human being”.

I was also glad that i had a new phone which has a camera, thus took a photo of my bleeding heel ( Evidence).

You can click the photo to enlarge it.

Wholefoods has surveillance cameras everywhere thus the entirety of the happening is captured on video – the slamming into my heel – the non reactions of a LOT of people witnessing somebody getting injured – the one person stepping forward to help, getting a napkin. Surveillance like this should be broadcast so each of these people see their actions on National TV so to judge themselves.

Finally at the register ( it was a crowded day, it’s July 4th after all ) i asked the young gentlemen at the register if he had a bandage, explaining what happened, showing him my left heel. He suggested i go to the customer service, where they also want to know about these cases to make a report. I paid for my three items, then limped to the customer service, asked politely for a bandage, showing them my heel. They told me to go to the other counter to the right of the escalator, thus i limped over there where i then politely asked for a bandage, explaining and showing the lady my heel.

“You’d have to go to the other customer service”, she tells me, pointing to the one where i just came from. I then followed her to that one, again, and waited to get a bandage. After ten minutes waiting JUST for a bandage, holding the napkin on my heel to stop the bleeding, i told the young lady there’s no need to find me a bandage anymore, it’ll be faster for me to go home and get a bandage.

Mind you, i was injured at their store, though of no fault to Wholefoods market, rather one of their customers pushing one of their shopping carts. People get their heels bumped by others quite often in that market; it’s nothing new, especially in the summer with most people’s naked feet exposed due to wearing sandals.

Shouldn’t there be a small little first aid kit with bandages, etc. at each and every customer service of a market, or any other store, so to immediately be able to tend to an “injured” person ?

At this point shouldn’t some parts of the carts causing injuries be either redesigned or covered with something soft, to avoid further injuries. A little padding around the front lower bar, is all it needs. Take an example on other supermarket carts which have no lower bars, perhaps ?

I’m not one to sue over a scrape on the heel, but redesigning or padding the lower part of the carts can help avoid getting million Dollar lawsuits from those who WOULD sue.

Watch the heels and …….
…have a Happy 4th of July 😉

PS: Oh and kind Sir at the market, thanks again for getting me a Napkin. 🙂



11 comments on “A lucky Independence Day for Wholefoods and my left Heel

  1. Uršulinka Lucadevjic
    July 8, 2013

    Are you FUCKING kidding me? Get over yourself. You’re an adult, and I’m sure you’ve been hurt worse than that. If you’re that fucking helpless, then don’t ever leave your house, you pathetic piece of shit.

    • Korifaeus
      July 8, 2013

      Nope, not kidding, but thank you for your comment.

    • Matty Thundercock
      July 8, 2013

      Ursula how dare you speak so poorly to a woman who obviously is suffering from severe PTSD due to getting(in my opinion) the equivalent of a car wreck and being run over! The fact that you were in a store full of people waiting in line to check out and they didn’t all run towards this poor woman abandoning their food and drinks to run frantically to dab the drop of blood on her ankle is simply DISGUSTING!!!! I think you should sue whole foods and every single person in the entire store for everything they have. And the man who rammed his death machine into your poor sandaled foot should be executed Mexican government style on national television to make an example of those like him(nothing more than serial foot rapists!!!)!!!

      • Korifaeus
        July 8, 2013

        Thank you all for your replies, which i’ll continue to approve to be posted so the folks on the “other side” ( the side where those with normal common Human sense and morality thrive) abroad and in our country, can witness first hand that the ones described in the article, possibly lacking one or two senses, do indeed exist. I find it deliciously ironic that you folks showed up ( coincidentally connected via Facebook) in defense of your own kind. Hope this article gave you an opportunity to release yourselves of your venom and yer all feel better now. If not, and there’s a lil more venom left, please feel free to express yourself; it can be wonderfully therapeutic.
        and continued success,

  2. sean ikon
    July 8, 2013

    I lost an arm in Nam. So, I totally feel you. No one tried to find it or hold a tissue to stop the bleeding. When is it my time for the world to stop and baby me? When Lord? When? When you looked down and thought “owww” and then saw the scratch had a droplet of blood—I’ve been there. I recall thinking that I would never play the piano again—sure, I never actually played before, but still…I’m with you sister.

    • Korifaeus
      July 8, 2013

      Dear Sean
      Thanks for your comment; the Article was not about the rip on the heel, rather the non-reactiveness of so many ( not all, thank goodness ) appearing to’ve become desensitized in so many ways, especially when witnessing folks being injured, regardless of the magnitude of an injury. Thank you for serving the country, an i’m very sorry about your arm

    • gabe smoller
      July 8, 2013

      I think I found your arm, if you still want it.

      • Korifaeus
        July 8, 2013

        Oh kind hearted soul, please feel free to release yourself of all your venom, as suggested in my reply to Matty Thundercock.

      • Korifaeus
        July 8, 2013

        Ps: Perhaps you could click on the Magazine Logo to get to the main site of the magazine to then read the description of the magazine on the “right” hand side, providing you with a better insight as to the articles.

  3. Michael Lukenbill
    July 8, 2013


  4. Mouthfeel Atx
    July 8, 2013

    Honestly, with the smell of blood drifting through the air, I’m surprised those foul hearted souls managed to outright ignore your injury. They are so heartless it would seem like they would have followed you limping out into the parking lot like a lion following a sickly wildebeest so they could then devour your body whole. I’m so sorry to hear so many ignored you like that. Really rude.

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