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May i kiss that Monster on your Chest ?

Skin Heads
By Korifaeus

Tattoos are more popular than ever before; one can see them on teenagers, on the arms and backs of beautiful actresses attending red carpet affairs in gorgeous gowns, like Angelina Jolie, and on men, of course.

Thirty years ago one would only see tattoos on the forearms of Sailors or former Convicts – dull blueish anchors, crosses or hearts with an arrow through it. Tattoos were also a common sight on faces or hands of gang members and still are. Members of organized groups of Goa, India, have cross tattoos between their thumb and index finger, while some Hispanic gangs in the U.S. sport the famous triple dot between their thumb and index finger, or next to their eye brows, etc.

The marking of one’s body often served as a secret sign for members to recognize one another, but how secret really are obvious tattoos right in the face, next to an eye brow, even if just three little dots?

To this day i wonder about Geraldo Rivera’s Tattoo between his thumb and index finger, which one day changed. I recall it was always a Magen David, a tattoo of the Star of David, which is somewhat of an oxymoron, because Jewish people are prohibited from marking their body, in particular “breaking skin”, which a tattoo needle does. One day some years back, however, he went to Palestine to interview Chairman Arafat, and i had to chuckle, because the Magen David tattoo he used to sport was turned into a “Heart”. Since then i’d wondered if, perhaps, the Magen David tattoo was also a modified version of another tattoo, and if so, what the former tattoo may’ve looked like ? 😉

But tattoos are no longer just for Sailors, Convicts, or Gang members = they’re fashion – an expression of ” individualism” as some call it. A little butterfly on the ankle of Madame, a Chinese proverb on the upper arm which no one understands and the wearer of said tattoo has to have faith that what the tattoo artist told him/her as to the meaning of the Chinese pictograph, is really true. Would be awful to sport a Chinese pictograph on one’s arm that is said to mean ” Dragon heart”, but turns out to mean “wimp”, or such ?

I’m not a tattoo person, but it’s a free world and everyone may do what they please; it’s their body, their skin; and though i’m not a fan of tattoos for myself i do appreciate the masterfulness of the art, but would prefer to see it on paper or on a canvas. But again, it’s a free world and our bodies are, after all, the only property we truly “OWN” until the day we die and everyone should be allowed to do with it what they wish.

For my part, however, i choose not to partake in this fashion trend of getting a tattoo because of the way i project my personal taste on the opposite sex; men. I very much doubt that i could be intimate with a man whose body is covered in tattoos because it’s only natural i would want to sensually indulge; kiss his shoulders, face, lips, neck and ………..

…….see a frightening Gothic skull tattoo JUST as i’m about to kiss the skin of his chest ?

That’s exactly what comes to my mind whenever i see a man covered in scary looking tattoos. When intimate one would end up kissing these bone-chilling skulls and spooky monsters. When stroking the arm of one’s esteemed paramour one finds oneself petting some demonic looking beasts.

But even if the skin was not covered with terrifyingly looking creatures, rather with flowers and butterflies in every color of the rainbow, i would probably be stroking the skin of my inamorata very cautiously trying to avoid rubbing off the colors, then look at my fingers if they’re red, blue, purple, yellow, etc.

Everytime i see women or men with tattoos i wonder, ” How do they do it ?”

Were someone to cover an ugly scar ( one may dislike) with a delightful tattoo i could understand that, and i would think it makes one want to kiss the tattoo to make the scar feel better – a sort of comforting, or such – but outside of that i don’t think i’m able to grasp, or make sense of, why anyone would want to cover their skin with loads of colorful creatures, symbols and words of different alphabets.

Some tattoos are so horrifying that the natural reaction is to be startled, repulsed and take a step backwards. I would think it would be totally unnatural to feel attracted by something horrifyingly creepy, even drawn to get closer to it ?

Thus i wonder why tattoos have become such a big thing – as though folks feel pressured to have tattoos; the thing to have nowadays – the new must – that unless one gets a tattoo one isn’t fashionable ? Is it peer pressure ? Trying to fit in ?

And in a few years from now when tattoos maybe out (again) and no longer fashionable – perhaps taboo – will people have their tattoos removed, which many already do, to be left with the removal scars from the lasers ?

A lot of Tattoo parlors in Los Angeles, i learned, converted their businesses into ” Tattoo Removal” parlors, which is now a HUGE demand because of he latest trend = tattoo remorse, especially in women.

A waitress i know had the name of her former boyfriend removed, which was tattooed inside a heart on the back of her left shoulder. It’s very visible that something was once there that had been removed. She has such beautiful skin and at the time when she did it she was thrilled with the tattoo until her boyfriend broke up with her, then “hated” it, then removed, swearing to never have a tattoo ever again, but left with a scar.

Really, isn’t it so much easier to have the name of someone engraved inside a ring, and less “scars” involved should the relationship not work out ?

But hey, to each its own, and were i to design a tattoo idea for the fellows, it would be the end-tip of a snake on the neck, thus peeking through the collar of a shirt, with the rest of te snake coiling around the torso, lower hips, finally leading down to the head of the snake, which is…..
Exactly ! On the lower abdomen looking at Mowgli from the Jungle book, with a speech bubble above the snake’s head, stating: ” Got ye ” 😉



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