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So FREE a Country we’re allowed to be Slaves

Voluntary Slavery
By Korifaeus

The United States of America is a country where everyone can be free and do as one pleases, as long as it is in accordance with common-sense morality ( which should speak for itself). Here one is granted the right to serve no Masters, no Kings, nor “forced” to bow before anyone, be it a self-appointed God, a Religious leader, a Guru of a Sect or Cult; rather granted the right be one’s own Master.

Here one is bestowed with the freedom to worship as one pleases and to assure NO CHURCH will enforce its laws and rites upon the people, a special Amendment was put into place by the founding Fathers; the division of Church and State, so NO CHURCH will supersede, nor attempt to supersede the rule of Law set forth by the Constitution.

And though these “freedoms” are granted to each and all people setting foot, live or wish to become Nationals of this country, many folks come here because our Constitution grants them the Freedom to bow before Gods, Masters, or voluntarily enforce strict rules upon themselves.

That may sound odd, but FREEDOM grants folks also the right to live by strict rules.

Go to Brooklyn – Crown Heights, Williamsburg where people voluntarily choose to belong to a very strict Religion and the United States of America grants them the RIGHT to follow their own laws = women have to walk behind their husbands, sit in Synagogue in a separate place away from their husbands – cover their hair, knees, shoulders, etc.

Visit the La Brea district in Los Angeles; Religious Jewish people “voluntarily” live by strict rules and rites of their Religion with women walking behind their husbands, wearing long dresses, covering their hair, etc.

In this country one has the right to even live as though it’s the 16th century, too. Visit Pennsylvania, Ohio; Amish folks “voluntarily” live by very strict Religious rules that forbid them to take part in the world of ” our time”.

Or extremely Religious Muslim women who “voluntarily” walk New York’s or Detroit’s streets covered in a black burka during the summer with 90 degrees outside. They don’t have to cover themselves up. It’s not the law of this country – no one makes them do it nor enforces such laws on them. They do it voluntarily because here they’re granted the right to worship as they please.

Even Evangelists using snakes and speaking in tongues are free to practice their Religion. Folks may become members of cults, sects and worship as many Gods as they wish – it’s all granted to them by the Constitution of our country.

It’s deemed “appalling” by the liberal media, however, when folks in other countries wish to adhere to strict Religious laws with liberal organizations and women’s rights groups going to Afghanistan, Saudi Arabia, and out of their way trying to enforce THEIR “liberal” views upon them, with utter disregard that many of these women do it “voluntarily”, as well, the same way many Religious women, and folks in general, voluntarily live by the strict rules of their chosen Religion in this country.

The irony is that these groups insist they wish to ” liberate” women while actually they’re trying to ENFORCE their believes upon them; in some cases they even organized protests to STOP women from wearing headscarves, disregarding the RIGHT of women whose “choice” it is to wear headscarves.

A tremendous amount of groups are trying to “liberate” folks in other countries, insisting these people should NOT live by the rules they live by, while not taking into consideration that a great many actually wish to live by these rules in accordance with their Religion. Thus in order for these folks in other countries to escape the enforcing of ” Believes” from some liberal groups, they have to come to the United States where they’re FREE to worship as they please.

Here they have the right to follow the most extreme Religions with the strictest rules. Here in the west they can become Monks, giving a vow of silence, never having to worry that “liberation armies” will try to talk them into leaving the Monastery. Here in the west they have the right to become Nuns and force themselves to never ever be intimate with a man and live a life in celibacy without having to worry a woman’s right group will try to take them out of the Nunnery.

Men can even go to a Dominatrix, kiss her feet and have her whip their booty red, if feeling a need to punish themselves, or be punished, or become her slaves, should following the laws of a very strict Religious Order, like vows of silence, self-whipping, celibacy, not be sufficient.




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