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How LOW can a Paper sink ? From Post to Pest.

By Korifaeus

Generally i don’t read the papers, nor do i buy magazines, though occasionally i page through some next to the register at the supermarket, when in a long line. I only watch TV when visiting friends who happen to watch TV, but outside of that i prefer to stay ignorant as to “Mass Media News”.

Having said that, i do occasionally check the Reuters headlines and regularly review the headlines on google news, since i have to know some of what is being covered and discussed in the news to perhaps write an article about it for this magazine should i feel the need to opine.

For a few months now i’ve been buying the New York Post to page through it over my morning coffee to see what it is folks get as in “news” for a buck = $1.00. It’s more or less a gossip tabloid or scandal sheet, one would expect to be sold under the table of a rural village with not much else to report outside of tittle tales, as in where the local Mayor’s wife shops, what she bought and with whom the local plumber has yet another affair, thus not to be taken too seriously, but…. it does have funny headlines, clever play on words and a small cartoon section for a little chuckle.

It also provides me with an insight as to what kind of folks write the most hateful opinionados about celebrities, or other, not even stopping at slander, while they proudly credit their maliciousness to their name printed in black on white above or below the article.

When seeing the name i google it to find a photo to see what the scandal mongers look like, then study their features to find a common denominator as to the Physiology in comparison to their “Psychological” profile. Not surprisingly each and every one of those spreading hateful words about other people, are what generally can be considered as ” homely” – none-attractive people apparently filled with self-hate. This again proves the fact that beauty does come from the inside and the MIND does create the body.

Nancy Grace is only one terrific example of that; a woman trying to persuade the world she’s the most “caring”, loving and “Justice seeking” ( talk about irony) person on earth, so goody two shoe in fact that she has nothing better to do than viciously put down any and all people who’ve been in the headlines – from Mel Gibson to Lindsay Lohan and the list goes on – putting them down in her annoyingly whiney voice, never once applying the LAW of this country to hold innocent until proven guilty.

Her show, as well as some other shows on the air, are one of the greatest Psychology tests ever to’ve been created = what sort of audience does someone like her attract and does her audience TRUST her ? Does she feel confident in her own skin, believing she can get away with murder ( allegorically speaking ), or will her attitude at some point in time backfire ?

As far as the New York Post’s ugliness is concerned, however, today’s headlines and statements will, i assume, backfire

James Gandolfini, 51 years young, best known for his superbly acted role as Tony Soprano of the long running and sky-rocketly rated and critically acclaimed HBO series, “The Sopranos”, is said to’ve died in Rome of a heart attack.

EVERY SINGLE PERSON i saw and talked to since the tragic news of his premature passing broke, was in SHOCK, because so many people felt as though they knew him personally, having invited him and his TV family and friends into their living rooms. I never cared about Mafia movies and such, but even i watched that show because regardless of how brutal the world of the Sopranos was, Tony Soprano was also decent, had human vulnerabilities and weaknesses, which made him a likable character.

James Gandolfini, too, as big and tough as he may have looked, was as far as i heard a great guy everyone enjoyed working with – a likable person – a man with human weaknesses, vulnerabilities, much like everyone else in this world. Surely there is SO MUCH one can say about James Gandolfini the actor, the man, the father, the husband, the friend, brother, son, etc. and what did the New York Post “choose” to point out ?

He’s not yet been buried; he hasn’t had a funeral yet; the loss is still a shock to many and most certainly unfathomably painful to his family and friends, and there is an UNSPOKEN LAW in Journalism as well as an “international” Rule of Etiquette, which is to “Eulogize” a person for a minimum of 12 Months after learning of someone’s passing, until feeling the need to dig up some dirt so to sell papers.

The New York Post could not even wait a single Week, and after only 2 DAYS of the tragic loss of James Gandolfini, the ” Pest”, formerly known as the Post, referred to James Gandolfini as ” Alcoholic star”, etc. in the headlines of their articles.

This is lower than any paper has ever sunk in the history of Journalism since the invention of the printing press. The ” Pest”, formerly known as the Post, didn’t stop there – they were so insensitive, in fact, they tried to be ” funny” with headlines using big black bold letters, stating: “Deadly Bada Binge for Tony”.

Are the editors THAT numb not to know it’s beyond insensitive to try and be funny ’bout it ?

Here is what i wish and i truly, with all my heart, wish this was the actual truth as to what happened, which is that NOT James Gandolfini past away, but that James Gandolfini was shooting an HBO Soprano Special at CineCitta in Rome, with the “character”, Tony Soprano, having become a binge eater and alcoholic, due to his inability to deal with his anxiety problems for which he’d been seeking help from a Psychiatrist for years, as was part of the series.

…..and that some snoop in Rome heard about it, or possibly hacked someone’s email or phone, to get inside scoops to celebrity gossip, etc., to sell it to the papers, which was totally misheard or misinterpreted and falsely reported as not Tony Soprano having died of a heart attack, but the actor James Gandolfini playing Tony Soprano, with James Gandolfini still very much alive.

That way the Pest, formerly known as the Post, will not only be known as a “spoiler” of a possible HBO Surprise special, but feel the embarrassment they apparently enjoy causing other people.

As for me buying the New York Post in the morning again; the buck stops here.



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