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Gynecological Blunders – Part 2

Human error = Nature of the Beast
By Korifaeus

For Part 1 of Gynecological Blunders, see (link) Gynecological Blunders – Part 1

Mrs.Y, in her late 40’s, in overall good health, has been missing her menstrual period for three months. Pregnancy is out of the question, unless the good Lord has bestowed her with a seed which seems unlikely, thus….. she sees her Gynecologist earlier this year.

Her Gynecologist, at Cedars Sinai Medical Center, Los Angeles, tells her off the bat that the time has come that she’s no longer fertile; she will no longer be able to get pregnant.
He then explains to her what happens to the female body, and that, according to him, Mrs. Y’s body is no longer producing eggs.

Since she is already at the Doctor’s office he does a pap-smear, checks her breast, etc., as he would for the annual check up. He does not, however, use the Ultra Sound to see if there may be other problems causing her not to have her period; nor does he seek to confirm that Mrs. Y does indeed no longer produce eggs, which is visible via an ultra sound of the ovaries.

Due to her age, being in her late 40’s, without examining her, the Gynecologist assumes she’s no longer producing eggs, the reason she won’t have her period anymore. Her Menopause will start in a couple of years, he tells her – he does, however, have her blood drawn to check her estrogen level prior to Mrs. Y leaving the Doctor’s office. She’ll hear about the results within a few days, Mrs. Y is told.

Understandable so it’s not the most jovial news for a woman to learn that she’s no longer fertile, especially since Mrs. Y has not yet given birth. She’s waited for too long, thus it comes somewhat like a death sentence to her – her tree will not go on – her family tree will stop with her.

Coming home she relates the news to her husband and just as she’s on the verge of feeling depressed about the non-fertility news, she tells her husband the Doctor is wrong – she just knows, she insists, because she knows her body better than the Doctor.

This may sound like a pompous assumption on Mrs. Y’s part, to know her body better than a Doctor ? A Physician trained in the field of gynaecology ? While yet, it is Mrs. Y’s body and she SHOULD know “her” own body better than anyone else, when in touch with herself; after all, her Doctor does not “feel” what she feels inside her body.

“I just know”, she tells her husband. “I bet my period comes back and it’s just because i traveled a lot and overworked myself”, she relates.

And that’s exactly what her Gynecologist should have asked her prior to diagnosing the non-appearance of her period as cessation of being fertile.
1. Did she have a change in diet: Adding soy milk to her diet – becoming a vegetarian or vegan – fasting ?
2. Did she travel recently ?
3. Does she have a change in life-style, perhaps a new job, or more work than usual ?

All of the above can very well affect the menstrual cycle which Physicians, especially Gynecologists, are well aware of. The above are the most natural questions to be asked, regardless of the age of a woman, since the fertility of women is very individualistic. There is no set age for menopause – it varies from woman to woman.

Mrs. Y is of mediterranean descent – and sure that her Doctor is wrong ( or wish thinking ) and aware her period may have stopped due to her having traveled quite a bit in recent months, as well as a change in pace at work, forced herself to relax and prepared herself a dish middle eastern and mediterranean women eat to help fertility; the dish, ” Sim-Sim with honey” – Sesame paste ( tahini) mixed with honey.

Now the “Sim Sim with honey” may well be an old wife’s tale, and it may well have a placebo effect, too, but sesame does have loads of iron as well as vitamin B1 ( the latter relaxes body and mind ) which does have physiological effects, but regardless if one wishes to see it scientifically or as an old wife’s tale, fact is Mrs. Y finishes the entire jar of tahini within two days, when suddenly her period starts – it starts perfectly and with a healthy flow.

Only hours later her Gynecologist calls to share the estrogen results with her, relating to Mrs. Y. her estrogen is still very high, and “perhaps” the period just set out a couple of months and may come back. Mrs. Y is glad to hear that and shares with the Doctor that she just got her period and then tells her Gynecologist that she forgot to mention that she traveled quite a bit and was a bit what overworked, which may’ve caused the change in her menstrual cycle. Her Gynecologist confirms that that could very well be.

Mrs. Y’s menstrual cycle has since returned to normal, but it was not her duty to mention she’d traveled, etc. It was for her Gynecologist to ask these questions, prior to telling her she’s no longer fertile.

Thus if you’re a woman who’s approaching that age with the period eventually setting out, make sure to note the above, telling your Gynecologist if you had a change of life style, etc. should he/she not ask these questions and insist on being “thoroughly” examined before being told you’re no longer fertile. Doctor’s are humans, and humans make mistakes; Human Error = The Nature of the Beast 😉



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