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Gynecological Malpractice at its “almost” worst

Here come the Egg Men ?
By Korifaeus

Note: Any and all Medical articles regarding Malpractice, Medical error, and/or Misdiagnosis cases, etc. published in Korifaeus Magazine, are documented cases, with the names of the Patients only mentioned as either X or Y, to protect the privacy of the Patients, and Physicians not named so to not jeopardize any investigations involving the Physicians.

In her early 40’s Mrs. X goes to see her OB-GYN for her annual check-up at Cedars Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles, California. The Gynecologist does the usual – pap smear, Mamma (Breast) check, etc – he then does an ultra sound and…… sees a huge fiber located on the uterine ( Uterus) lining.

He explains to Mrs. X the fiber is as big as a golf ball and right on the Uterine lining which can cause problems. He also tells her that she is starting Menopause, even though Mrs X just had her menstruation.

But most importantly, he tells her, the fiber need be looked at closely and suggests to make an appointment for her to see a “specialist”, also at Cedars Sinai. He makes an appointment for her at the office and gives her the business card of the “Specialist” for her to know the exact name, address, i.e., office.

The appointment is the next day, but when going home Mrs. X checks on the internet as to who the Specialist is, who turns out to be a “Fertility Specialist”. Mrs. X never had fertility problems and something just doesn’t feel right to her, thus she calls the Specialist’s office to cancel the appointment and instead makes an appointment to see her Internist, also at Cedars Sinai, the next day.

Seeing her internist, she explains to him what transpired and he agrees that it seems rather odd for her OB-GYN to send her to a fertility Doctor, instead of to a Radiologist for a more thorough ultra sound, or the like – thus the internist makes an appointment at Tower Radiology for her, to have the fiber on her uterine lining looked at.

At Tower Radiology a female technician, too, sees a fiber as big as a golf ball, ….. after Mrs. X explained why she was send for an ultra sound. And indeed, the technician tells her, it’s on the uterine lining. The Radiologist report sent to the internist confirms a fiber, but the size, according to the Radiologist report, is smaller than a golf ball. No mention, however, as to location of the fiber.

Mrs. X’s Internist encourages the idea to seek the opinion of a well established and respected older Gynecologist, also at Cedars Sinai Medical Center. The Gynecologist tells her on the phone that before the appointment she should come to the office to have some blood drawn, so he’d know more about her estrogen levels, etc. by the time she comes to see him, thus she does as he suggested.

Two days later she sees the Gynecologist and he tells her that she is far away from Menopause with her estrogen still very high and won’t be starting menopause until in her mid to late 50’s. He then checks her via ultra sound, measures the fiber that appears to indeed be present, but is rather tiny compared to what she was initially told – instead of the size of a golf ball it’s only 3.1 millimeter = not even 1 centimeter big, nor situated on the uterine lining or any other place that “may” be cause for concern.

He proceeds to tell her that little fibers can show up occasionally, but they’re harmless for the most part, and that she may well have had the fiber for a while and it could just as easily disappear, thus tells her not to worry

Her eggs are also still very much present, thus it’s rather puzzling to the experienced Gynecologist why her OB-GYN……
1. Diagnosed a golf ball fiber that’s only 3 millimeters big.
2. Diagnosed it as being on the uterine lining.
and most importantly,
3. Wanted her to see a “fertility Doctor”, instead of a Radiologist, since Mrs. X is a very fertile woman.

A Physician has to file a report upon learning of a potential medical error, misdiagnosis or possible malpractice case ; not to file a report, thus ignoring it, can cost a Physician to lose his/her license to practice medicine. The case was reported to Cedars Sinai Medical Center, as well as to the Medical Board in 2008. The OB-GYN having misdiagnosed Mrs.X, etc. continues to practice gynaecology, even after several other cases, similar to Mrs. X’s case, involving fertile women sent to the same fertility specialist, had been reported to the Medical Board, as well as to Cedars Sinai Medical Center.

As far as Mrs. X’s fiber, it did go away on its own, according to the ultra sound the following year.

If you “feel” something doesn’t feel right, regarding a Diagnosis, always have a second, or even a third opinion, and never feel intimidated because you’re dealing with a ” Doctor”. A good Doctor will always be understanding and encourage you to seek a second or third opinion. 😉



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