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Autism Research – Part 2 – A Most Dangerous and Scary Adventure

The COMMON Senses
By Korifaeus

As mentioned in the first article – see (link) Part 1 – i felt something didn’t smell right ( allegorically speaking ) about this media proposed sudden “Autism Epidemic” in 2004. Thus i began taking a closer look into the internet and the enormous amounts of sites in the U.S. and abroad.

While doing so i contacted several Physicians i knew here in the U.S. and abroad, inquiring as to why ” autism” was never mentioned in the previous Diagnostic Manuals of Psychiatry and no such “diagnosis”, in fact, existed neither during the early 1980’s, 70’s, 60’s, 50’s, 40’s nor 1930’s, which made me wonder how a woman, who at the time became an Autism Internet sensation, named Temple Grandin, could have been diagnosed with ” Autism” in 1950. No such diagnosis existed.

The Physicians i spoke to, some of whom were in the field of Pediatrics, as well as Psychiatry, for more than 35 years, were as puzzled as i was.

The term “autistic” was existent, but only in reference/description of extremely cognitive impaired children and adults unable to “connect” to the outer world, living exclusively within themselves. The Diagnosis of these people, however, varied from Cerebral trauma, to oxygen deprivation during childbirth, to “severe” Psychological Trauma, etc.

Here’s a Photo of patients one used to refer to as being “autistic”
Credits: Life magazine (You can click the photo to enlarge it)


“Autistic” was a description of a behavioral characteristic, same as ” verbal” or “violent”, is a “description”, NOT a diagnosis. Autistic just means “within Self”.

Patients having experienced ” severe” Psychological Trauma, either in Childhood or as Adult may experience a “temporary” autistic state by which the MIND shuts down, shutting out the world so to allow the mind to recuperate/heal – not unlike Trauma victims ( Physical or Accidents) are placed into a ” controlled Coma” by experienced Trauma Surgeons, to avoid “shock” to the body and mind from which the patient may NOT recuperate.

In the case of Psychological Trauma, however, the Body does it by itself and shuts out the ” outer” world for the traumatized person to experience total serenity for as long as it needs to fully recuperate. A Psychologically traumatized person experiencing an ” autistic state” is best assisted by providing a safe, serene environment to allow the mind to heal itself, without inference, as used to be taught in ” Psychiatry”.

This self-healing program of ours ( our bodies/minds) can also cause the mind to “delete” the memory that initially caused the trauma – Partial/Selective Amnesia – so to ” protect” the mind until strong enough to face or remember it without the memory causing harm.

What also got my attention as to the symptom of ” Autism”, were phrases such as ” Speaking in Pictures” – related to autistic children and adults, supposedly seeing everything in pictures when something is related to them verbally; the ability of “visualizing ” inside the mind, was also mentioned as one of the symptoms of autism.

How can that ability be a symptom of a “disability” ? Visualization is the most natural thing in the world and that’s what the great majority of people do = they visualize inside their mind. The inability to visualize may well be a disability, but not the very common ability ?

When remembering something we clearly see a picture inside our mind which is called seeing with the ” third” eye, which has nothing to do with esoterics; the “third eye” is when not seeing with the TWO outer eyes, rather seeing something “inside” our mind – to recall what someone wore the day before we use the third eye to see the picture inside our mind.

When thinking of inventing something, we use the third eye to *imagine” (* creating an “image” inside our mind) how the machine may work. When we dream at night, we basically use that very same tool, only with closed eyes. When day-dreaming we use the third eye, not looking at something in front of us with our two “outer eyes”, rather imagining or remembering/recalling something using our ” inner eye” , the third eye.

When reading that this very natural “sense”, in fact the very famous 7th Sense was listed as a symptom of a “disability” it rang alarm bells with red lights flashing. And what i just did, describing a feeling of alertness allegorically, to create a “visual image” for the readers, is so you, the reader, can see an alarm bell and red lights flashing in your mind.

The latter is what most everyone does when reading a novel – we SEE the characters described in a novel, inside our mind. We SEE the bridge the author described – we SEE the protagonist walk up the stairs, open the door, greeting the young woman. We SEE it all with our “third eye”, while reading a book with our two ” outer eyes”.

The natural question that came to mind when learning about this supposed symptom of autism, was: ” Do those, having added this natural “sense” to the list of symptoms, NOT have the ability to visually recall, to believe it’s NOT NORMAL ? If so then “they” have a disability = the lack of the 7th sense = they don’t have all their senses. And they’re trying to label the ABLE with a disability ?

Imagine an apple, a green apple, hanging from a branch of an apple tree. Can you see it inside your mind ? You see it inside your mind while you read my suggestion to imagine that apple. Do you think there is something wrong with you that you can “imagine” that apple ?

Neither do i, and those who do think there is something wrong with the ability to ” IMAGINE” an object, even seeing the object in COLOR, lack a “Common Sense”, the 7th SENSE, the very sense with which “blind” people see.




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