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The most Dangerous and Scary Adventure – Autism Research

Tunnel Vision
By Korifaeus

About 8 to 9 years ago it appeared as though an “autism” epidemic had broken out. Autism was covered in television news, reported about in papers, discussed in magazines attracting attention via the children with dream-like eyes on its covers, and the internet was taken over by autism forums, help-sites of supposed specialists, each of which and whom tried to cash in on the new disorder.

Note: “Autistic” means an inability to interact with the “outer” world, by which a child/person lives within itself, due to a cognitive disruption or disturbance in the brain disabling them to “connect” to the world. The term “autistic” used to refer exclusively to people born with brain defects, often found sitting on the floor in Asylums, rocking themselves back and forth while playing with their fingers held closely in front of their eyes, observing them with great attention either seriously or amused, laughing out loud.

That was prior to the 1990’s – extremely “cognitive impaired” children and adults exclusively living within themselves were referred to as “autistic”, due to a PHYSICAL ( neurological) malfunction in the brain.

Suddenly, in 2004, “autism” referred to children who were previously referred to as ” Autodidactic” or “dreamers”; children who had no apparent “physical” challenges appearing healthy, outside of a “preference” of spending time with themselves.

“What”, i thought, “does that have to do with “autism” ? Autodidactic children have always been known to have belated speech due to their preference/choice and “ability” to teach themselves. They’re known to take their time with everything, including speech, trying to figure out things themselves, be it from teaching themselves how a clock works, to playing musical instruments, or whatever may inspire them.

Some symptoms of autism in the ICD and DSM described the symptoms of what used to be referred to as “Idiot Savantism”, that of the politically incorrect termed, Idiot Savants. The character played by Dustin Hoffman in the Movie Rainman was an Idiot Savant, but suddenly said to’ve had “autism”, too.

And when Einstein received a post-mortum Autism diagnosis by some “specialists” with the disorder suddenly coined a sort of “Genius” disorder, a LOT of mothers went to have their children diagnosed with autism because they wanted their child to have a label synonymous with “very smart”.

But since “autism” didn’t really apply to physically healthy children who may just exhibit some quirks, a new term was coined so the diagnosis could stick = “high functioning autism”.

Other symptoms of Autism in the DSM and ICD, described the symptoms of Infantile Candida, as well as Candidemia, ( also Fungemia ) as in Hyper-reactions/sensitivity, incoherent speech, over-reactions to sounds – well known to ordinary Physicians and Pediatricians and has increased over the last 20 years due to over-prescription of antibiotics at an early age, or when the mother was positive for Candidemia or Candida ( yeast infection of the blood, or in the intestines)

While some other Autism symptoms in the DSM and ICD described the symptoms of “Shaky Baby Syndrome”.

Symptoms also mentioned in the DSM and ICD were ” Symptoms of Stress” = shaking of the hands, ( winging ) rocking back and forth, closing of the ears, hyper-reactions, etc = natural reactions of a child in need of nurturing, constantly being yelled at, with no way to escape loudness from TV, Radio, or parents yelling at one another or siblings constantly fighting.

More on the rocking see Has Psychiatry hit rock Bottom ?


Nerds having had run-ins due to a bad temper were given the chance to diagnose themselves with Asperger’s syndrome; in fact, quite a lot of nerds began priding themselves being an Asperger, ‘cuz that, too, was projected as being a syndrome, or disorder, only very bright folks are said to have.

Uncountable people went on the internet looking into the symptoms and began diagnosing themselves, as well, which was even more astonishing, considering many were seeking to “voluntarily” label themselves with a mental disorder. Why ? Because they wanted to be “special”.

What’s most peculiar, i found, was that neither Autism nor Asperger’s was found in the DSM III ( APA’s diagnostic manual until 1980 ) even though a Psychiatrist named Leo Kanner is said to’ve been noted for his work related to “autism” in the 1930’s and 40’s ?

Perhaps it’s a name sake, but growing up in the western world during 60’s and 70’s, i learned and remember quite clearly that there used to be such a syndrome called ” Kanner Syndrome”, named after a Leo Kanner who was the first “Documented ” Sociopath because of his talent of pretending ( and make believe, perhaps) he was the attending Physician of the Asylum in which he lived, while yet an inability to perform ordinary tasks – thus Sociopathy was referred to as ” Kanner Syndrome”, named after Leo Kanner.

During on Camera Research-Interviews, he was encouraged to answer questions, so to study the brain of those with Sociopathic and/or Psychopathic Disorders, who could easily make themselves believe they were knowledgable in specific fields they’d be asked about.

The photo on the internet supposedly of Dr. Leo Kanner, does according to my memory have a very strong resemblance to the other Leo Kanner; it would be deliciously funny if one was mistaken for the other, 😉

Should there have indeed been a Psychiatrist named Leo Kanner noted for his work in autism in the 1930’s, why was autism not mentioned until after 1980 ?

Or Asperger’s Syndrome; said to’ve been coined after a Dr. Hans Asperger, said to’ve worked in the 1940’s with children exhibiting Psychopathic behaviors, not mentioned in the DSM, or coined after Dr. Asperger, until after 1980 ?

Something just didn’t smell right, along with the media appearing to promote Autism as being an epidemic. But why ?

One particular case i knew about pushed me into looking deeper into the issue;

A young and newly married mother who’s absolutely lovely and perfectly healthy baby boy slept in a room in which there was a leak in the window, with mold beginning to grow around the window and wall. The baby was just about a year old when i suggested she should put the baby into another room, because the mold is NOT healthy for the baby, ( it can effect the brain ( neuro-system ).

The boy slept very well in the room, she related, thus she made no changes and the boy continued to sleep close to mold.

The baby began changing a bit in his behavior, slow in learning, was a bit belated in speech, and by the time he was three years old the mother literally rushed him to be diagnosed with autism, after SHE decided he should have that diagnosis, because IF the mold in the room had indeed caused his sudden change it would have been her being responsible, not having placed him into another room, until the leak and mold problem was fixed.

Mold is a fungus that throws spores into the air, inhaled by us and when that fungus enters our neuro-system ( brain) it can cause a lot of damage. The “curse” of the mummies, which relates to Egyptologists having gone crazy after entering newly found passages inside Pyramids, etc. and then eventually died, was caused by “mold” exposure, as it turned out, but not known at the time, thus believed to’ve been a curse of the mummies that drove men to go insane and eventually die.

Antibiotics, too, cause “yeast” infections ( unless one adds pro-biotics to one’s diet during the taking of antibiotics ) and yeast is a “fungus”. It effects everyone differently depending on the quantity of yeast inside the intestines, which may lead to yeast inside the blood = Candidemia, and that can effect the central nervous system, with symptoms of mental disorders, irritability, hyper-reactions and hypersensitivity to smells and sounds, etc.

Alarming, i found, was that generally healthy and normal ( Physique) looking children diagnosed with Autism would rarely be examined from head to toe, as in receiving a thorough physical with blood tests, etc. rather diagnosed based on behavioral symptoms.

And that my friends, is scary and extremely dangerous; when Physicians, people we should be able to trust the most since we put our lives into their hands, no longer take the time to look at all possibilities as to the cause of symptoms a “child” exhibits and appears to be okay to diagnose it with a “mental disorder” to live with that label for the rest of its life, and talked into being “disabled”.

That’s SCARY Science not leading us into the future but back to the dark ages……
…but being an optimist i’m sure there’s a light at the end of the tunnel(vision) 😉

For “Part 2” of Autism, the most dangerous and scary Adventure, see this link > PART 2




2 comments on “The most Dangerous and Scary Adventure – Autism Research

  1. EdC
    January 12, 2017

    You sir are an idiot who chooses to ignore the suffering and a whole compendium of medical evidence. People aren’t seeking diagnosis because it’s fun but because their child is struggling. I 39 with a diagnosis last year and I’m high functioning and have a degree. In fact since my diagnosis I’m studying my second masters in statistics. The diagnosis has brought some relief and an understanding that I need to shift careers towards something that will suit how my mind works…. A recent study cited by the British national health service (http://www.nhs.uk/news/2016/03March/Pages/People-with-autism-are-dying-younger-warns-study.aspx) shows people with ASD were 7.55 times more likely to die by suicide. Yet here’s the interesting thing people with high-functioning ASD were at greater risk of suicide than low-functioning groups. I’ve struggled all my life and whilst there are many inadequecies with naming autism across a very wide spectrum diagnosis does more harm than good you “numpty”

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