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Is our new Pope Francis too Pretentious ?

What would Jesus do ?
by Korifaeus

Pretentiousness goes two ways – One can be pretentious acting pompous, arrogant, leasing luxurious cars and dress hoping to impress while flaunting glitz when not having a pot to pisher in. Or, one can walk about unshaven, wearing worn-out clothes and shoes while having a gazillion in the bank.

Pope Francis has since day one been promoted as a VERY modest man and there’s certainly nothing wrong with being modest; it’s respectable to be modest and even more so when humble.

But modest means to self-depreciate, thus in order to be modest one has to either be very knowledgable or well to do. A popper living in a hut is not a modest person; he’s a popper who can’t afford to live in but a hut. A zillionaire living in a simple home, however, able to afford a mansion, is modest – trying not to flaunt his wealth.

Pope Francis is said to be a humble man having lived a modest life. To show the world exactly how he humbles himself before his flock, he was recently shown to’ve “kissed the feet ” of a dozen inmates at a juvenile detention center in Rome, after washing the feet ( sort of), during a good thursday Easter ritual.

I noticed, however, he only washed ( sort of ), dried and kissed the right foot of the young men; perhaps an allegory to encourage them to put the “right” foot forward. But it doesn’t stop there; in India he’s said to’ve done it, too, which caused somewhat of an outrage because he kissed the feet of a poor Indian “woman”.

The whole kissing the feet thingie didn’t go well with me – i found that slightly over the top bordering on pretentiousness. To visit a detention center – great. To talk to the juvenile inmates – impressive. To wash their feet – exemplary. To kiss their feet – OVER THE TOP.

I sure hope the bowl was filled with 4711 Cologne to the top, instead of just plain water.

Pope Francis also changed his Papal throne and replaced the flamboyantly gilded one of Pope Benedict with a simple white upholstered chair. Instead of wearing gold embroideries like his predecessors, he wears a simple white cassock. Instead of a golden cross Pope Francis chose a simple metal one and his shoe wear are simple black shoes, instead of the red loafers Pope Benedict used to sport – though the red ones were closer to the original custom with Popes usually wearing red “slippers”.

But i get it – he wants to do it a bit more like Jesus is said to’ve done. If so, why not go all the way ?

Exchange the finely woven garments made of exquisite textile for a simple white cotton cossack, costing no more than $10.00 wholesale when made in India. When doing so jobs are brought to India providing work for the poor. Zillions of dollars can be saved when cutting a bit what on the pomposity of gilded embroidered garments, with the money used to improve the infrastructure in slums of major cities in India and elsewhere, creating work places, etc.

Kissing the feet of a poor indian woman ain’t gonna put food on her table ?



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