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Who painted the Einstein Yoyo Caricature ?

Time flies
by Korifaeus

Recently i was looking through some photos and pictures of Einstein on google image, when i found a Caricature of Einstein with a red yoyo, which i found intriguingly interesting thus tried to find out who the painter/artist of the caricature is.

I googled and googled and though the caricature appears to be very popular, also sold as poster all over the net, none of the sites i saw selling or having posted the picture gave credit to the artist, nor named the artist having drawn it, which struck me as odd.

Surely the drawing couldn’t have created itself ? Someone must have created it and i’m on a mission to find out who, because i think it’s brilliant.

Here’s the Caricature i’m referring to
You can click the picture to enlarge it

Einstein - Yoyo

One of the reasons i’m curious as to the artist is because, aside from wishing to extend kudos, i’d like to ask the artist why he left Einstein’s “fly” open ?

I also want to ask him why he chose to make Einstein play with the yoyo, using his left hand, since Einstein was right handed ?

I assume one places the string around the middle finger when playing yoyo ?

If anyone knows who the artist of the caricature is please let me know, either by commenting or via email – my email is in the “About” page, i would truly appreciate it. 😉


2 comments on “Who painted the Einstein Yoyo Caricature ?

  1. Dustin Beaudry
    February 21, 2018

    I would love know myself because I own this exact large painting and have had it for nearly 10 years on my wall.

    • Korifaeus
      February 21, 2018

      Are you serious ? and it’s a “painting” you have of it ? What was it painted with ? Maybe there is a signature on it somewhere ?

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