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When Scientists play God

Overpopulation and too little water ?
by Korifaeus

The following article is a re-publishing of an article published last year: Science Dilemmas i found is important to republish again.

The top two issues Scientists are concerned about – according to a recent Reuters News article( Science Section) – are:
1. Overpopulation ( i’m assuming they mean people)
2. Water

Reading that Reuters article last week, my first thought was ” Overpopulation ? Really ?”
The reason it surprised me is because whenever i fly i like sitting on the window and whenever i look outside the window – especially east to west coast flights – i see mostly uninhabited land. Here and there a city, but mostly lots of uninhabited land – uninhabited by people, that is.

But let’s assume Scientists are right and the approx. 1.2 quadrillion square feet of earth are not enough for approx. 8 billion people; why did scientists come up with ” fertilization” programs ? So they can worry about overpopulation. ?

Nature, being farsighted and all, directed that not everyone is fertile thus unable to bear children. Sperm count in some males decreased as well, because nature said so. ( Nature is somewhat of a Dictator) Scientists, in favor of Democracy wanting to have a say, too, however, came up with the brilliant idea of ” fertilization” so everyone can have children, including women who’re infertile.

After that Scientists had an even better idea. Men with potent sperm were asked to donate their sperm and fertile women were asked to donate their eggs.

HOLD it, did Scientists just state they worry about overpopulation ?
I suppose that’s what happens when Scientists start playing God and think they know better than ” Nature”. Nature decided to go “this way” = not everyone is fertile – and scientist decided to fertilize the infertile.

Aside from the fact that this entire egg and sperm bank program wasn’t throughly thought through – enormous amounts of brothers and sisters are running around, not knowing they’re related, because neither bears the name of their egg and sperm donors, thus it’s not improbable for brothers and sisters to meet and possibly fall in love – and then what ?

The worst case scenario, while realistic, is that It doesn’t seem improbable that possible disabled off-spring will arise from such unions, with scientists eventually trying to figure out why there seems to be an increase of disabled children = ” Oops, we never thought of incest when thinking up eggs and sperm banks.”

But now they’re not just worried about overpopulation. They’re worried about water, too. Too many people on the earth and not enough water. ” Oops”.

Let’s just build a few more Las Vegases in deserts, with green front lawns in front of the desert houses – constantly having to be watered to remain lusciously green – and lots of fountains all over the city so it looks nice for the tourists.

If scientists are unable to figure out how to create water, they shouldn’t be calling themselves ” Scientists” = men of knowledge. Seriously, they should consult a Bedouin of the desert, who has never received a formal education, nor is able to read and write; but he can surely tell a Scientist how to create water – which to the Bedouin is ” Laws of Nature 101″.

I don’t think we have a water problem. I think we have a water-squandering problem and too many Scientists with egg on their face



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