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Big Brother is watching US ?

The Eye of the Guardians
by Korifaeus

Great news, but not for everyone; Big Brother is finally looking into telephone records, emails and whatever other communication via the digital world there may be.

Most everyone who’s computers or emails has been hacked, becoming victims of IPT ( Intellectual Property Theft) and or Identity fraud and theft is most probably applauding the efforts of our Investigative Government departments, FBI, *NSA ( *National Security Agency).

Though until Guccifer’s email break-in of a Christopher Kojm, Chairman of the NIC, ( National Intelligence Commission) i’ve never heard of the NSA nor of the NIC; but then i’ve never heard of the IMF, the International Monetary Fund, either, until the Dominique Strauss Kahn scandal. But, be as it may, the “authorities” are collecting millions upon millions of telephone, emails, etc. data of Americans, but according to the media a lot of folks, like Senator Rand Paul, aren’t pleased about it, to say the least.

Senator Feinstein on the other hand is said to’ve defended the effort, according to the news, by supposedly having said:” It’s called protecting America”.

The IRONY of the Political arena’s reaction is plain out delicious because of a partisanship that’s never been more apparent than right now.

Remember the hollers of the left during the Bush 43 Administration ? While the left is now defending the Obama Administration’s efforts of spying on Americans, they called it “unconstitutional”, a slap in the face to the founders of the Constitution, the taking away of rights to privacy of the American people, etc. I’m referring to the Patriot Act signed into Law by George W. Bush in 2001.

The “right”, on the other hand, defended the efforts of the Government, since after all, our country was under attack – how else to protect a country and its people than by looking into “communication” records ? Now it’s reversed and the left stands by their man, President Obama, with some on the right apparently feeling the need to oppose what he does, for reasons of loyal partisanship.

Thus let me see if i get that straight: It’s perfectly okay for “hackers” to look into our computers, emails, review our personal information, but it’s not okay for the FBI to do that ?

What’s also deliciously ironic is that those having protested about infringement of Privacy during the Bush 43 Administration, where the first ones to sign into Facebook sharing their private thoughts and actions with the world, folks they don’t even know, aka Facebook friends.

If i was in charge of the intelligence i would’ve invented Social networks like MySpace or Facebook; that would’ve been my primary intelligent surveillance information gathering network, LOL 😀

Where are the Civil Rights groups when it comes to protesting against hackers uninvitedly “invading” our private data spaces; our email accounts, computers, smartphones, etc. ? I haven’t seen demonstrations nor protests URGING the Government to do something about it – to protect the PRIVACY of American citizens ? And now that the Government IS looking into telephone records, etc. some folks are calling it “foul” ?

I say tip of the hat to the FBI, etc. and it’s about time, because i for sure would like to know ( aside from stopping terrorists ) who the “pranksters” are hacking into “private” computers, emails, smartphones, etc.

And to lighten the spirit of some who may be a bit what miffed about Big Brother watching US, here a little music video to put a different perspective/spin on it 😉





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