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The Poisoned Apple Investigation

The Apple of his i
By Korifaeus

The following is a fictitious tale investigating what kind of apple it was from which Snow White once took a bite.

Fact: Snow white was given a poisoned apple by a person dressed as a farmer’s woman.

The woman dressed as a farmer’s woman was in actuality Snow White’s very own Stepmother, the Queen consort, wife of Snow White’s father, the King.

Evidence: ( duh) The fairy tale book, ” Snow White and the seven dwarfs”.

Snow White took a “bite” of an apple that was poisoned by her stepmother. The pictures inside the fairy tale books clearly show it was NOT a green apple, thus not a Granny Smith. Considering the Granny Smith apple is the symbol of the Beatles’ Record label, Apple must be held innocent for the evidence proves their apple was not the source from where the evil Queen got the apple, she eventually poisoned.

Nor did the apple come from Wilhelm Tell, for it would have shown marks of an arrow.

Neither could this apple gave come from Newton, who only watched the apples fall.

The poisoned apple from which Snow White took a “bite” was clearly depicted as being a RED apple. But it can also be established that this RED apple did not come from New York, either.

Though New York, specifically Manhattan, is nicknamed the BIG Apple and at times depicted as a red apple, the apple shows no evidence whatshowever that someone took a “bite” from it.

The apple from which Snow White took a bite must still bare a “bite mark”.

Mac also uses the symbol of an apple – and Steve Job’s has in earlier days been depicted holding a “red” apple, thus Mac’s apple appears to refer to a “red” apple, the same sort of apple Snow White took a bite of.

What’s even more compelling as to establishing evidence that mac’s apple could have been the source as to where the evil Queen got her apples, is the very obvious “bite mark” still in the mac’s apple.

Who, other than Snow White, could have taken a “bite” ( mega or giga) from the apple ? Someone bit into it….. and didn’t finish eating it. Why would anyone just take ONE bite of an apple if it’s a delicious apple ?

It could have only been Snow White.

PS: Thank goodness a Prince came along otherwise we would have never even heard of that story.



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