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American Psychiatric Association said to’ve lost their Marbles

The V Phobia
By Korifaeus

Since the coming out party of the new edition of the DSM, the 5th revision of the “Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders” by the *APA
(*American Psychiatric Association ), the APA has been getting quite a lot of heat from Psychiatrists internationally, some of whom have questioned the APA all together as possibly having lost their marbles, predicting the end of the APA (knock on wood) an organization that has stirred up controversies for decades with APA Presidents and members caught with their hands in kooky jars, oops i mean cockie jars, oops again misspelled ( darn computer) i mean cookie jars…..of Pharmaceutical Companies, and some other kinky controversies.

Not sure if a plea of insanity will help them escape being scrutinized by the World’s top Psychiatrists, who’re not only questioning the APA’s choice of using the Arabic numerical 5, thus DSM 5, instead of the usual Latin numerical “V” since that would seem more appropriate, the former edition having been the DSM IV ?

International Psychiatrist, as well as respectable U.S. Psychiatrists, such as Dr. Keith Ablow – whose grounded reviews are as educational as they’re entertaining – are increasingly skeptical toward the APA, who appear to be “inventing” new mental disorders – disorders that don’t exist.

I read through a few critical reviews of the DSM 5 and one particular disorder caught my attention, because it really does make the APA appear as though they not only make up illnesses/disorders, but don’t remember much from medical school = it makes one question their ability as MD’s, Physicians in General; not just their Psychiatric knowledge.

The new disorder is: “Minor Neuro-cognitive impairment” – an older person being a bit what forgetful can be diagnosed with “Minor Neurocognitive Impairment”.

Mind you, that’s in the DSM, the diagnostic manual for “Mental “Disorders. It’s a “Mental” disorder to be a “little ” (minor) forgetful ?
Nice to call an older person’s forgetfulness “minor”, though, it will make them feel young again.

Should someone diagnosed with a “Neuro-cognitive impairment” not see a Neurologist, thus diagnosed by a Psychiatrist to then be sent/treated by a Neurologist ?

I forget things of an on and am not THAT old. I’ve forgotten things when i was young; as a kid i forgot to pick up milk on the way home from school, or to bring something to school. I truly forgot. Even forgot names of neighbors or kids i met earlier = “what was their name again ?”

But when we’re young we don’t put too much importance to it; we know it can’t be senility nor dementia.

When a little older, in our twenties or thirties, we may forget for a moment where we put the wallet, or the car keys, and to not forget what we intent to buy in the supermarket we create a shopping list – guess what, so we don’t “forget” what we need to buy.

We write ourselves notes, little memos, for the things we have to do, and even when we forget something, the names of some, or an important birthday, etc. we consider that normal when still young since it can’t be senility.

Only when older we tend to over-evaluate “normal” forgetfulness fearing we’re becoming senile.

But what ever happened to “Professor Syndrome ” ? A syndrome of forgetfulness that referred to older wise men, folks with a tremendous accumulation of knowledge, who’re sometimes caricaturized as head-scratching white bearded men with glasses, stumbling through their words ?

Professor syndrome, an endearing term for forgetfulness in extremely knowledgeable older men has long been explained scientifically in the early 20th century when “computers” came about, thus allegorically explained as so:

“Professor syndrome is similar to a computer ( brain) filled up with an enormous amount of files ( knowledge) – the bigger the file ( knowledge) the longer it takes to open ( remember) it.”

Oops, i forgot to take the clothes out of the drier….. 😉

Ps: More about the DSM 5 in the next article, and coming soon
“The scariest most Dangerous Adventure = Autism Research”



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