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Guccifer breaks into “Intelligence Chairman’s ” email ?

No private matter
By Korifaeus

Guccifer, the so called “Prankster” who according to the news succeeded breaking into varies email accounts of Political figures, as well as celebrities from the creative arena, like author Candace Bushnell, has according to The Smoking Gun, once again succeeded breaking into an email account of a political figure – this time an Intelligence Chairman named Christopher Kojm, appointed by President Obama to head the….. (quoting the Smoking Gun) “National Intelligence Council (NIC), whose officers provide strategic assessments on future threats and trends to the Office of the Director of National Intelligence.

According to the Smoking gun, as i understood it (pls correct me if I’m wrong ) Guccifer sent the Smoking gun “screen shots” of the emails or info he was able to retrieve of the aforementioned person’s email account.

I guess we have to take the Smoking gun’s word for it ‘cuz no one else appears to’ve seen these screen shots, outside of perhaps the FBI or Secret Service, to whom the smoking gun sent the emails, i would think ?

Surely the smoking gun gave the FBI and Secret Service full access to its email account, so to be able to “trace” the email received from Guccifer, which must trace to an electronic device possibly listed under somebody’s name ?

I’m no cyber sleuth; i have no clue how these things work, but i do know there are IP numbers and trace routes from servers, etc. and i would think that by now, after the smoking gun has received numerous emails from Guccifer and communicated with the “prankster” via email, the Secret Service must have built some high tech analytical GDP trace bug into the smoking gun’s email, to find out who they’re dealing with – who this Guccifer person is ?

If Guccifer is so good of an email break in artist, why did he only break into the “private” emails ? How did he even know the NIC chairman has an msn account ?

Even stranger, if indeed he succeeded in breaking into a private email account of an “Intelligence” Chairman, how come it didn’t make big news ?

I have no idea what or why the Gun is smoking, but none of these reports make any sense; i would think in the “real world” it’s pretty much impossible to get away with hacking into private emails of anyone associated with “intelligence” ?

Even the reports of China having hacked into Government sites, stealing “secret” Military information and such, seems somewhat implausible, since “secret” data is shared on “secret” INTERNAL servers and only able to be accessed from the “inside”, not via servers made available to us common folks, which includes hackers ?

Perhaps Guccifer is just trying to wake us up from our apparent slumber, so we apply some common sense when reading the news so not to believe “everything”, weighing it like grain, and slowly realize that TV news, etc. is for the most part entertainment for folks in need to get upset at things, seeking disputes and the need for aggravation ?

Like the song” Oh so glad to be unhappy”.

I dunno, but TV seems more and more like this “box” provided for us to observe the “other world” – the unreal, grotesque and out of control world, so very different from the one we “actually” live in…..outside of the box.

But it’s a choice of course – If some prefer to live “inside” that box, hey, it’s a free country, have fun with it.

Today’s report of the “real world”:
Mighty sunny and hot today in New York City with people as friendly as ever, peacefully living side by side.

If that’s too boring for some of you, pls put on the TV, watch some news, or Judge Judy; ye know, judge her; the show’s name being an invitation to “judge” Judy, i guess ?

And for those of you who crave to bring some screaming and yelling into your home, in case the harmony and serenity is getting on your nerve; put on HLN and watch Jane Velez Mitchell, who appears to be incapable of speaking in a normal tone of voice, thus screams at all times as though she’s screaming into a tin-can-phone to make sure the one on the other end of the string with a tin-can phone can hear her.

The last sentence of Guccifer’s screen shot was the following greeting according to the smoking gun = ” Good Night America, where ever you are”.

I had to chuckle reading it. America where art thou ? Me thinks outside of that “box”, 😉



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