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Do Religions “belittle” God ?

By Korifaeus

“Religion” used to refer to a way of “teaching”. A school having chosen a specific “curriculum” found to be the most appropriate for a specific people of a specific culture because the Church ( Teachers) recognized that everyone learns differently according to their culture and individuality.

Some people, ( nations, cultures) learn best via Audio intake – listening to a speaker, while others learn best by observing pictures ( visual learning) etc.. Thus different “Religions” ( ways of teaching) were developed with people able to choose for themselves which “School”. (Church) they wished to attend to learn all about the world, evolution, biology, science, etc.

At some point Churches became houses of worship and Religions an organized collection of belief system with rules and rites to follow,

I’ve mentioned many times before that i’m not religious, but i do believe in God; the God i believe in, however, speaks and understands every language of the world. The God i love is a generous God, kind, tolerant and understanding beyond compare.

I never chose a Religion because Religions and religious leaders seem to belittle God, as though the “All Mighty” was so small-minded as to scorn anyone who doesn’t go to Church, eats meat on a friday, works on Sunday or Saturday, or speaks to Him in english or any other language.

To suggest God only understands Latin, Arabic, Hindi or Hebrew when praying to Him is very belittling of God, i would think. Why worship God in the first place as the “almighty” when not granting him almightiness ?

It seems almost blasphemic to me to insist God would scorn anyone not obeying or following a rite of Religious worship set forth by man, instead of the “WILL of God” for man to be “free”, become their own Masters by being true to themselves – adhere to their nature, embracing one’s God given talents in pursuit ……of happiness ?

In GOD we trust



One comment on “Do Religions “belittle” God ?

  1. Korifaeus
    May 21, 2013

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