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Hitler – He is back

The Farce of the Farce
By Korifaeus

“Er ist wieder da”, translation, ” He’s back”, is the title of a current German bestseller. The book is a comedy about Hitler finding himself in today’s world of which he can’t make sense , nor has any understanding how he got there.

And though it’s currently only available in German, with the English translation not coming out before 2014, reviews of the book can be found just about everywhere – raving reviews – including in the “Forward”, a Jewish newspaper.

The premise, as i understood it (please correct me if i’m wrong ) is of Hitler suddenly finding himself in modern day Germany ( via a sci-fi time glitch, of sort ) ranting, as expected, anti-semitic remarks, as well as anything one could possibly anticipate. Coming from the all to well known persona non-gratis Hitler; views that just don’t fit into today’s world and are so far fetched and outrageous that he becomes a youtube sensation overnight, seen as hilariously funny, since no one can see it any other way than it having to be a farce.

Hitler, however, is dead serious and means everything he says, which makes it even more so funny to people because he delivers his act so believable, thus involuntary turns into a comedy superstar.

The concept of the book is so intriguing that one can’t but wonder how a “reversed scenario” of the book’s premise would read. As in, ….. a “farce” – the show of shows – was put on way back then = an Austrian actor, with a strong Austrian accent no German could understand, cast to play the leading role of the Fuehrer.

An olive skinned, dark haired, dark eyed, disabled (club foot ) small italian actor was cast to play his side kick, propaganda Minister Joseph Goebbels, both of whom are propagating the exiling of semitic looking people to the blond and blue eyed crowd applauding what they believe to be a commendable effort, and hailing the Fuehrer.

An obese, if not to say, glutonesque looking actor is cast to play the part of the leader of the Luftwaffe, Hermann Goering, and to make the farce even more obvious, an actor, whose deep set dark eyes making him look insane enough to play an insane man, is cast to play Rudolph Hess; one proposing to have the mentally unstable as well as disabled people euthanized and exterminated.

But it’s not enough of a satire as yet, thus a nerdy looking actor with horrible eye-sight, was cast to play Heinrich Himmler, head of the Fuehrer’s personal “Elite” protective force, the SS.

The irony of the Fuehrer’s non-German nationality, proposing the creation of a blonde and blue eyed, tall and physically super-fit Master race speaking in the most rural Austrian country accent no German could even understand, while standing next to his obese Luftwaffe chief, Herman Goering, his disabled, sickly and physically small olive skinned propaganda Minister Joseph Goebbels, his bad of sight, nerdy looking head of the Elite force, SS, Heinrich Himmler and insane looking co-head of command, Rudolf Hess, seemed to have gone amiss on the world, as well as on the blonde and blue eyed masses applauding their Fuehrer and his entourage.

A farce, so satirical, as though it was the world stage adaptation of the “1922” Austrian Bestseller, “Die Stadt ohne Juden”, (The City without Juden ) made into a Movie with the same title, released in “1924” evoking the civilized world’s attention about a problem that had to be faced and dealt with after the end of the first World War – Racism and ethno-centricity.



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