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The Anti-Blackberry Conspiracy

“BOLD” Salesmen

I like my keypad blackberry and have waited for years to replace it with a newer keypad blackberry version to my liking ( see Blackberry article “Cue in Review” ).

I have been experiencing some problems, since my World Edition (the classic) is already archaic, missing plenty of updates, i assume, thus went to a Verizon store at the Beverly connection in Los Angeles ( am currently traveling). They didn’t have any key-pad blackberries, i was told by the salesmen, thus i decided to wait some more ’till they get the new blackberries.

Last week the plug for the charger turned bad, it didn’t charge anymore, thus i went to the Verizon store once again. Looking around and asking once again if they had a blackberry with a keypad, should i have to replace mine, i was told “No”, they only had a blackberry with a touch screen.

I told him i’d have to wait until the new ones with keypad come out, since i prefer keypads. The salesmen then tried to talk me out of getting another Blackberry, stating they’re not popular anymore and Android phones are much better.

Luckily, a Verizon sales lady suggested a repair store to me which may be able to fix the charger plug.

The repair store was indeed able to fix my phone, but the lady there also stated Blackberries aren’t good products anymore, Androids are much better, and people don’t want blackberries anymore, she asserted.

I am “people”, too, and i still want a blackberry phone, as do many acquaintances of mine, but…. If Verizon doesn’t “offer” their customers Blackberries with keypads, and customers don’t want to change their service provider, one is basically “forced” to get another phone, since one have no other choice ?

Later on i called Blackberry corporate, to inquire if and when they’ll be have new keypad blackberries available for Verizon, telling the gentleman also about my experience at Verizon, as well as at the repair store, being talked out of blackberries.

He then contacted Verizon corporate and put me on the phone with the gentleman of Verizon, who told me they have keypad Blackberries aplenty at their stores. That may well be true, but not on display in the stores i’ve been to, i told him – for example the 57th street / 6 ave. Store in NY, or the Verizon at the Bev. Connection in Los Angeles. Aside from salesmen trying to talk customers out of getting a new Blackberry, pushing Android phones.

He sent me a TM a while later with keypad Blackberries available at Verizon.

Yesterday an acquaintance showed me his “Bold” with which he’s very happy, the same the Verizon gentleman suggested via his TM, which looked appealing to me. Thus i went back to the Verizon store yesterday, asking for a “Bold”, telling the salesman also i spoke to Verizon.

And what did the young salesman, whose pants were 5 feet too long, making him look like a Ukrainian mobster youth, say ?

He sold the last “Bold” the day before. ( ?)

I see, i said, thus last week you had Blackberries “Bold” in the store ?
Yes, he told me, but he sold the last one the day before.

If that was so and they had “Bold” a week ago at the store, why didn’t they tell me, since i was last week at the store inquiring about a Blackberry with keypad ? I was told they didn’t have any, which naturally leads one to speculate if they fibbed, not wanting to sell Blackberries, and if so, why ?

Do sales people get better commission on other phones, or….?

The new “Bold” like Blackberry, called a “Z” will be available at Verizon around the 28th of this month, the salesman told me. Okay, i guess i’ll have to wait ’till then, ‘cuz i really need to get an updated phone because….

I’m getting emails from people i don’t know, emails from friends insisting they didn’t sent these “odd” emails, i get replies to emails i didn’t sent, and the replies i DID sent didn’t get there, and i have to appease these people by swearing i did reply.

This is pretty common, i’m told by the same Verizon salesman; it’s been happening a lot. I then show him this odd error message that has been showing up on my browser picture, to which he tells me, hmmm never seen anything like that before, but it’s understandable ‘cuz i have a really old Blackberry and it’s no longer up to date, etc.

Since i still have some odd emails i got, as well as replies to mails i did not sent, i ask the salesman if it is possible to somehow detect where they came from.

He tells me, it’s possible but it will cost extra to do that. How much, i asked, i’ll be willing to pay to find the culprit if it can be traced.
He then tells me, it’s not possible. (?)

…..Will i be waking up shortly, awakened by the ring of an old rotary phone, having dozed off next to my old typewriter, dreaming of what the future may entail, then writing it down and …. Oops, darn typos, wish i had a spell check….

” As you wish” , says the stentorian voice of the Djinn in the bottle.
Good night 😉



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