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Hackers are “Pranksters” and Mac has no bugs,…….not ?

Something bugging you ?

By Korifaeus

Learning about Guccifer’s recent hacking into author Candace Bushnell’s email, downloading 50 pages of her newest book to then publish them on the internet as reported in the news, i was flabbergasted that some media outlets were so “smooth” as to call him a “Prankster”. I kid you not.

Hacking into people’s private email accounts to retrieve their ” intellectual property” is not a prank but a criminal act called ” Intellectual Property theft” (IPT) , since it involves the unauthorized taking of someone’s intellectual property. When reading about it i instantly wondered if Miss Bushnell has an old Mac G4 or uses Earthlink, because….. ….almost ten years ago i’d written what i thought was a hilarious manuscript on which i spent quite a few years writing. It was a SCI- FI comedy of historic events with a twist about modern celebrity worship and then some; where a Barber in Nazareth poses with Jesus for a drawing, to put it on his celebrity wall – Noah and Abraham telling the local Psychiatrist about the voices of God they’re hearing , the Psychiatrist taking notes, writing it all down and brings it to a publisher, becoming a best selling author over night, until the great flood happens, etc.

Just as i almost finished the book, my computer, a Mac G4, was struck with a very peculiar spam-bug of sort, by which each and everyone one of my files “disappeared” and excerpts of the files ( ALL of my files) – mixed with gobbledygook, found themselves in “emails” with which I was spam-attacked – including in emails from contacts and from my own email account,( phone-connect earthlink at that time) thus sent to me from my “own” email, as well. I received “thousands upon thousands” of emails ( not exaggerating ) with excerpts from my files which were mixed with totally incomprehensible gobbledygook. The moment i’d connect to the internet “hundreds” of emails would flood my email-box within less than an hour.

Those of you familiar with Korifaeus Entertainment know i create a LOT, thus an enormous amount of intellectual property, from Scientific research data, to lyrics, songs, music, sketches, novels, etc ended up in thousands of emails, as though it all went through a file shredder mixing up the data of the different files, then mixing up with gobbledygook, and the moment these emails arrived in my email box, loads of files were gone from my computer.

Highly alarmed, to say the least, i went immediately to Mac the moment i realized something very wrong was going on with my computer; i was SURE the files could be recovered, i’d get an answer, the problem could be fixed, but…… …….Mac Geniuses at the time insisted Mac doesn’t have any bugs. (?) Regardless, Mac people ( this was 2005) insisted mac doesn’t have nor gets any bugs. I asked what then it could be since it was VERY apparent something was wrong, which the mac genius could clearly see, me showing him what happens the moment it connects ? Answer :Quote: ” I have no answer for you “.

Ah, what a comforting answer that was, ….. not ?

Okay, who COULD have an answer for me, i asked the mac genius, and the mac genius ( this was at the Mac store at The Grove in Los Angeles, in 2005 ) told me to wait just a moment and went to the back – i assumed to speak to a higher authority – then came back after a few minutes and told me he does not know what it could be, but can “assure” me it is not a bug because mac doesn’t have any bugs. (?) This, however, is not entirely true, since those of you familiar with Mac, having played Chess on Mac, know there is at least one bug in Mac’s Chess game, which cheats.That the Mac Chess game cheats is very well known, and reported over and over, still Mac hasn’t corrected the problem to this very day. Occasionally i go to Mac stores and try out certain Chess moves on the new Macs, and the computer still cheats. Back to the computer bug – i went back to New York, the problem continued and i was ready to throw the computer against the wall – but, before i’d do that i decided to go to the big mac store on 5th Avenue hoping they had an answer for me. No answer, instead i was told the same almost identical lines = i have no answer for you, and Mac doesn’t have any bugs.

I got no help from the Geniuses at the mac store and was told they don’t know what it is. Even though they saw the peculiar change of the email versus the “setting” that was clearly different, as we’ll as witnessing the hundreds of emails from different email addresses from my address book flooding my email box the moment they’d ( the mac geniuses themselves )connected it to the net, i was basically “brushed” of.

I called the corporate office, but at the time it was as though Mac corp was being taken over by some really weird aliens, who seemed unaffected by my report, also telling me mac does not have any bugs. The odd attitude one got at the time changed, and i’m happy to report mac genius and corporate are helpful and friendly once again, the way it used to be, 😉

I tried changing the email setting, called earthlink for help and they told me that nobody can hack into a computer via the ” telephone” connection modem which is the safest. Even more puzzling, my email suddenly had a number added, even though the settings remained the same, clearly visible in the computer’s email settings.

Example, say my email was Leagan1@….. and it clearly stated ( and still does) so in the setting – the incoming and outgoing emails showed an extra 1 , thus Leagan11@….. Long story shorter, ….. i didn’t connect anymore and my files disappeared anyhow – they just disappeared.

I didn’t know about backing up files on an external hard drive, the first thing i should have learned, and by the time i learned about backing up files, i was suggested not to do it, because the files may be infected with whatever it is, and when uploading the files into a new computer i may infect the new computer. Thus i decided the only thing left to do to save what i still had was to print out and burn CDs of the remaining files, when suddenly the date began switching, showing 1969 or dates of the 1970’s and the CD burner nor the print thingie worked. “YEARS” of hard work lost in “no time”. I could’ve balled my eyes out, especially about that one book.

I stopped using the computer and put it in “quarantine” so to speak. My new computer, bought in 2008, a mac book pro, shut down about two and a half months ago. I was told its “a very common problem” for macbooks pro of that year, thus known to mac. If so, then shouldn’t one get a new computer, even if the warranty has run out, since it apparently is a manufacturing problem ? Thankfully though my unsaved files could be rescued. I had a replacement computer, a macbook, which i updated and the same thing happened two weeks ago. It shut-down just as i connected to a free wi-fi at a Coffee Bean and Tea leaf, ( a coffee franchise in California) – the hard drive broke. Though i did not experience any bugs or oddities in my last two computers, outside of a wi-fi dislocking oddity when researching on Gretawire, about which i wrote an article some time back, it did make me think of how vulnerable we are living in an exclusively tech. and robot controlled environment, constantly made aware of hackers having succeeded breaking into data banks, Gov. Departments, private emails, twitter accounts, etc. But the reported hack-ins are the ones we know about and only because hackers wanted it to be known.

What about the ones who don’t want their hacking successes to be known ? Or, let’s assume China is really involved in certain hackings of greater proportions, as it is accused of – most computers are manufactured in China – how naive are we to allow a country to manufacture computers, thus data bases of personal information and intellectual property, if we’re suspicious of that country ? How easy would it be for a manufacturer to insert a covert chip allowing access into computers, without the official manufacturing company ( Apple, Toschiba, Dell, etc.) knowing about it ?

What about Software manufactured in foreign countries, of whom we’re not 100% sure politically ? How easy is it to place an invisible code that allows access into the software ? I lost years and years of hard work during the spam-bug-attack – and though it made me angry, especially at myself because I didn’t know about backing up files and external hard drives, ( i learned the lesson ) none of my files had classified informations or top secret datas, nor private data as in online banking, or such, something Government computers/data bases, as well as many private citizen’s computer do have.

With all the accusations of foreign entities supposedly hacking into our nation’s data bases, and supposed hacker groups such as “Anonymous”, or the more recent Guccifer, apparently getting away with their “pranks” (?), how could our Government find it okay to have “the people” file their taxes via email at a time when the FTC shared with the public that Identity theft and fraud is the number one crime in the country ? Filing taxes via a system/medium considered non-secure does not appear to be the best way to protect the people against identity theft ? Currently i’m without a computer and until i’m back in New York, getting a new computer, i will continue to write my articles on my blackberry, as i’ve been doing since my last mac broke down two weeks ago. Are smart phones safe from hackers ? ” The Blackberry Conspiracy ” – a new article coming up next. PS: Should the the Cyber Security Division of the FBI wanna-doo take a closer look into my now quarantined old mac, please ….. “What could be more fun than get to the source of the “Pranksters” ? Answer: “To win a game of Chess against a cheating Mac Chess game.” 😉 .


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