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“God, you can come out now “

Missing in Action
By Korifaeus

Wouldn’t we all want to see God at one point ? At least once in our life time ? Religious folks, those having tried to live by the rites of their Religions crave to have God make himself known to mankind, personally, by way of a personal appearance just to have non-believers see that he DOES exist.

I’m not “religious”, don’t belong to a “Religion”, outside of my own, thus don’t follow any rites, as in upholding Religious holidays, following dietary laws, pray at specific times a day, nor visit any places of worship or congregational gatherings, such as a Church, Temple, Synagogue, Mosque, etc.

I don’t follow any rites outside of my own, and though i’m not Religious in the usual sense of the word, i do “believe” in God who to me personally is male because a male quality is more comfortable for me to “trust”.

It gives me comfort to feel a certainty that God exists because it’s comforting to believe “something” far greater and more powerful than us humans is in charge of the world.

Without this “trusting” that there is a God one may experience a sort of hopelessness, if not “fear” that all is going to collapse; that mankind may be in the process of destroying the world, the earth and nature – all of nature being at the mercy of mankind.

Trust in God, however, creates a calm; a feeling of assurance that all will be well – that to all there’s a purpose, a plan so meticulously calculated that life turns always out to be fair.

There’s great comfort in “trust” and less feeling of urgency of having to do something to “safe” the world. To have “faith” in God relieves one of responsibilities we’re often told we “should” have due to sacred texts having been interpreted by people insisting they know the way ( or “Will”) of God – insisting they are God’s servants, while yet, they actually serve only themselves = their agenda of having people follow “their” way, the way “they” interpret texts left for us to ponder or delight in.

For all we know God is in hiding until it’s safe to come out, because it’s doubtful that he’d be welcomed by God “fearing” folks. God “loving” and God “trusting” folks are more likely to welcome him, should he make himself visible to mankind, manifest himself in person, perhaps. But God “fearing” people ?

Fearful people have a tendency to agress toward that which they fear. To “fear” is to anticipate opposition that results in harm, being harmed in one way or another.

Why anticipate opposition that may result in harm, when it comes to God, though, unless…… one has a bad conscience ?

And since the term ” God FEARING people, was so puzzling to me
i just looked it up in the dictionary, which states:
pious; devout,

Ha, me silly took it literally, duh. God “fearing” people don’t “fear” God; they have faith, trust and love God as all believers do. Thus there’s really nothing to worry about, so…..

“God, you can come out now “:)


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