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Liberals to amend the Bible

Manitou ?
By Korifaeus

A Reuter’s news article of Monday the 22nd of April, stated: (Quote)”Washington state’s governor signed into law on Monday the final piece of a six-year effort to rewrite state laws using gender-neutral vocabulary, replacing terms such as “fisherman” and “freshman” with “fisher” and “first-year student.”

No joke, it apparently really happened. The word “penmanship”, for example, due to the audacity of having the word “man” inside the word “Penmanship” has been changed to ” Handwriting”, cuz it may offend some females since “penmanship” appears to refer exclusively to man = males.

A person having completed his or her apprenticeship will no longer be called ” Journey man”, either – nope – by law, apparently, they shall be called “Journey-level” carpenter, plumber, etc.

Though the dictionary states that the word man refers not only to males, but also a “human being” regardless of sex or age, or member of the human race, mankind, i.e., “person” – liberals appear to have decided that the word “man” exclusively refers to a human “male”.

The word “mankind” may possibly changed into person-kind in the near future, as well, if this gender-bias paranoia continues this way.

But what a about the word ” human” ? Will it remain acceptable to refer to the race of all homo-sapiens as “humans”, or should that word also be replaced, since, after all, MAN is inside that word ?

Who was meant with “Man” in the Bible, if not the completeness = oneness of the species, when it states in Genesis 2:26 :” Let’s us make MAN in our image, after our likeness: and let THEM have dominion over the fish….etc.” ?

Not the plural form, “men” was used, but the singular, “man” – the complete species made of male and female before the “whole” was divided, split into two.

If I’m not mistaken the word “man” is an abbreviation of the latin word “Manus”, meaning “hand” – us homo-species ( apes and monkeys included) being the only species using our hands. Thus how could the word ” man” be gender bias ?

Will liberals soon take on the Bible, to be edited/amended by whoch the word ” man” will be replaced with the word, ” Person”, to read:
“And God made a Person, male and female created he them, it, err, the person.”

And “Manitou”( pronounced, Man-ee-two), the Divinity of the Natives ? Uh oh, there’s a “man” in there, 😉




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