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Amanda Knox – As Free no more

Human liberties
By Korifaeus

Free human beings without social anxiety, doing as they please ( within the realm of common morality), saying what they wish to say, freely opine, which is a God given right, has become very rare.

Though we are free, living in a free world and have, at least in our country, one of the finest Consitutions written by men, not everyone “feels” free to speak their mind or do as one pleases; “fearing” criticism, disapproval, being ostracisized for thinking differently, or for just being themselves.

Watching the Diane Sawyer interview with Amanda Knox, last night, and the free-spiritnedness this young girl had prior to the horrifying tragedy in Perugia, Italy, took place, i realized how young people like her, those expressing themselves freely, are punished for it.

She experimented with free expression – open sexuality – was intimate with a few fellows, which is really not something one could consider ” being premiscuous”, rather being ” young” – getting in touch with one’s hormones, and desires. This non-restrictiveness of her personality and sexuality was used against her to make her look like a vixen, but who is throwing stones ?

Her once fancy free personality attests somewhat to her innocence – she had nothing to hide thus acted naturally, saying what was on her mind, sharing her thoughts on the internet, as discussed in the interview – and this sharing of thoughts, combined with her nick-name ( Foxy Knoxy), was used against her by the media.

Ah, the media – the first ones to throw stones and convict anyone in the public media court. Not just the Italian papers – our media took part, as well.

Okay, so Foxy Knoxy made her look like a vixen ? “Foxy” can refer to so many things; it appears her hair at that time, had a reddish tint, like a fox ?

She is also said to be quite bright and Foxy can also mean “smart”, since foxes are known to be smart.

“Foxy” means also “attractive”, and there is no denying she’s a very pretty girl.

Whatever the reason for her nickname ” Foxy”, i go with the red-tint in her hair theory, thus she may’ve thought nothing by it – her hair looked like that of a fox = Foxy Knoxy.

Fast forward: Diane Sawyer asks Amanada Knox about the morning after the murder and Amanda shares how she went back to the apartment she shares with a fellow female student and sees some drops of blood on the sink, and some blood on the bath-mat.

She thinks nothing much by it, is not overly alarmed, even considers it may be from her newly pierced ears.

I see nothing wrong with her reaction, but Diane Sawyer suggests that surely she must have felt a cause for alarm seeing some blood ? And the mere fact Amanda was not alarmed seemed odd to Diane Sawyer.

Huh ?

That reaction, coming from Diane Sawyer, a woman, is what i found most peculiar, not Amanda Knox’s reaction. Who would right away draw a devil on the wall, allegorically speaking ?

The first thing that would come to my mind, would i see a “few drops” of blood on a bath-mat, is that my female room-mate suddenly got her period, or had her period and some blood dripped on the bath-mat. Then covers herself with her hand, gets to the sink and some menstrual blood ends up on the sink/faucet.

Or, my female roomate cut herself shaving her legs. The possibilities are numerous as to how blood can innocently end up in a bathroom.

The last thing that would come to mind, to any normal healthy mind of a ratiomal human being, is that something far more synister occured.

I can’t even imagine the shock a young girl, or any person for that matter, goes through when learning of a murder ? The most gruesome act, that should be the FURTHEST from one’s mind.

Have we become such a sick society that “murder”, or anything synister “should” be the FIRST thing on one’s mind ? I sure hope not.

Though Amanda Knox is no longer “physically” incarcerated, locked up in a prison, she has psychologically been incarcerated, forced to be more guarded – no longer feeling as “free” as she once felt: thus “freedom was taken from her, even though she has been acquited and freed from physical prison.

Having said that, the time in prison may have also protected her for a time being – to be free-spirited is a wonderful thing, but there is such a thing as being ” too ” free.

I’m a devil’s advocate, thus the bad thing that happened to her may have also been a good thing that protected her. The “devil” may have seen that she is a girl with much promise – smart, great personality, talented, and very pretty. And the devil, seeing promise but also the ability to involuntary self-destructiveness by being sexually very free at a time of high alert sexual diseases – plus experimental with drugs ( smoking pot ) saw, perhaps, that she could have ended up a victim of a charming drug-pushing pimp of some Albanian drug-prostitution cartell, which are very dominant and prominent in that area, always looking for pretty young “carefree” naive girls.

Thus the devil protected her by being the bad guy, only so she could have a full life ahead of her, and he is always willing to take the blame…..



One comment on “Amanda Knox – As Free no more

  1. Korifaeus
    May 1, 2013

    Please forgive my terrible typos/spelling errors – I’m currently traveling and without a computer, thus writing and publishing from my antique Blackberry, which is not an excuse, rather an apology for my awful typos,;)

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