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The Great Myth – Man came out of Africa

Science Dilemmas
By Korifaeus

“Man came out of Africa” – this theory is based on skeletons or bone fragments and remains of humanoids found in different parts of the world, and with each new finding a new theory evolves – a theory based on a single specimen found.

Let’s assume in ten thousand years, long after our civilization has collapsed, scientists find the skeleton or mummified remains, of someone with Down Syndrome and the future scientists develop a theory as to the collapse of a once great and advanced civilization on the finding of this one single specimen, possitively showing a strong cromosomal disorder, ergo: the people ( all people) of the 21st century developed a cromosomal disorder – a theory based solely on the remains of ONE SINGLE human who so happened to have had down-syndrome.

Or, let’s assume in ten-thousand years the future scientists will find the remains of a forrest dweller inside the deep Amazon, and based on the remains of that single person, they come up with a theory that the people of the 21st century ( since the bones appear to date back to the 21st century) were only 5 feet tall, lived in the forrests as hunters and gatherers.

That only a hundred miles away from where the remains of the hunter/gatherer were found, had once been a great city with streets and bridges on which cars were once driving, with folks watching TV, listening to radio, using computers and “flying” to different parts of the world via ” airplanes”, at the very same time when these hunters and gatherers, forest people dressed in loin-cloth, existed, will not be known to these future scientists, ‘cuz that great city may by then be totally covered in Lava, on which a new forest grew.

Scientist build a theory as to ALL of humanity based on the remains of one single species?

While Cro-magnon man may well have lived alongside Neanderthal man in a certain area on this planet, it does not seem improbable that in another area/continent people may have built buildings and bridges, while yet at another place some may’ve just started learning how to farm, all this occurring at the very same time.

The earth is a time machine – it was one then, thousands of years ago, and it is one now; while we drive cars and commute in trains and planes, others, at another place, ride a donkey to the village, to sell their harvest – while, at yet another place, some others live deep inside a forrest gathering berries and hunting for meat – and then there are some who still ( or already ) live in trees. 😉

Ps:If only we, the civilized humans, would grant and allow our fellow species in other parts of the world to evolve at their own “pace” , instead of taking them out of the forrests or forcing them to adjust to our “time” in this same space – our planet – then the collapse of our civilization may be avoided…..



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