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Jewish Ashkenazi Israeli Semites, huh ?

Historical Confusions
By Korifaeus

Thought of the Day:
Jewish peoples are said to be the descendents of Judah, (tribe of Judah) not, however, descendents of one of the other eleven sons of Jacob, aka, Israel.

Israelites are said to be Semites, which are said to be the descendents of “Shem” , a son of Noah.

Many Jewish People refer to themselves as being “Ashkenazi”, said to be the descendents of “Ashkenaz”, the son of Gomer who was the son of Japhet, who was another son of Noah. The sons of Noah being Shem, Ham and Japhet. Thus an Ashkenazi can’t be a Shemite, nor an Israelite, nor a Hebrew, since Abraham came from the line of Shem, not however from Japhet. ( ? )

And Sephardic ? Please correct me if i’m wrong, but i’ve always been under the impression that Sephardic referred to the tribe of “Joseph” (Sep), who was made a Bishop, i.e., “Shepherd” by Pharaoh – whose descendents were referred to as Sepherds from which the word/term “Sephardic” derived. (?)

A Sephard is not a Yehood ( tribe of Judah) thus not Jewish, since according to the ” Religion” of Judaism it refers to the tribe of Judah. Thus there’s no such thing as a ” Sephardic Jew”.

With so much historical confusion, why not just refer to all ourselves as Human beings, since it’s pretty tough to trace each and all of ourselves (mankind) to any of the ancient tribes of a few thousand years ago ? Just a thought 😉

In GOD we trust



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