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Who is running the Country ? Hello, …anybody there ?

Something amiss
by Korifaeus

Let me see if i get that right: Number two Al Qaeda man, Ayman Al Zawahiri, on the FBI list of the very most wanted, has not been caught, but still on the FBI most wanted list.

Some time ago i published an article with what i assumed is a very catchy Headline =
“FBI most wanted, Ayman Al Zawahiri, finally found”. In the article,(see > Al Zawahiri article ) to give it the benefit of doubt, i stated that the man whose picture i posted in the article and myself took in the middle east, could very well be an incredible double; an identically looking double – that is to give it the benefit of the doubt, since there are folks in the world who are such great lookalikes of some people, they could be their identical twin.

Thus to not accuse a possibly innocent person, i made clear that the man whose photo i posted “could” just be a look-alike. Still, he looked SO MUCH like Al Zawahiri, down to the coloration of the beard, which was identical, even the glasses and eyes, that i assumed the FBI would surely contact me, since after all, it could have also been a most wanted man incognito.

Surely, i thought, the cyber police would check the article, which would have come up on their publishing-ticker where certain tags, words, are instantly filtered to alert the cyber police system, thus would have heard from either investigative department – but, nope, nobody contacted me.

Another oddity is that the photos on the most wanted lists are not showing how a most wanted person may look with beard, mustache or without facial hair, or with a different hairstyle, color, as it used to be shown and is still shown on other country’s investigative sites seeking dangerous criminals.

The different departments of the governments have so many different photos of individuals, each of which can legally publish them, for folks to get a better look as to how wanted criminals look like, for example Driver’s license photos, passport photos, which different departments are in possession of.

In case of international criminals, investigative departments of different countries all work together, thus would release the photos they have in possession, as well; thus it seems odd that the only photo on the FBI most wanted list of Al Zawahiri is a black and white ? One single black and white photo and no alternatives.

Some time ago i saw some oddities on the internet, about someone i’m familiar with, and something struck me as peculiar since it seemed out of character for the person to act that way, shall we say ? I remembered his email address thus wrote him an email, but the way he reacted seemed also out of character. for him.

I suspected someone was impersonating him, possibly using his email pretending to be the person the email account belongs to.

Via email i asked a few questions, which he avoided answering, becoming increasingly irritated by my inquiries. He became defensive, rather than re-assuring, which would be the natural reaction of anyone who is “innocent”, ergo in actuality the person one believes to be communicating with, thus owner of the email account, but he did none of that.

He became intimidating, but since i have no skeletons in my closet, it’s not possible to intimidate me in any way, thus i told the person i will contact the FBI if he will not identity himself, verifying he is indeed the person who the email belongs to, perhaps by taking a photo with his phone-camera, which i would have done ( if my hair was combed) knowing an acquaintance has my best interest at heart, trying to protect me from identity theft/fraud.

He declined, thus i contacted the FBI on February 6, since the person who owns the email is a decent man whose reputation can be ruined by someone impersonating him and behaving rather oddly.

The FBI in New York took note and directed me to also contact the FTC, which i did right away. I gave the gentleman at the FTC the email address of the person, to check if it was infiltrated or other, perhaps try contacting the actual person it belongs to, to let him know about it.

The FTC then directed me to also report it to the IC3, which i did, as well.

Two days later “The Smoking Gun” website broke the first Guccifer story; the hacker who is said to’ve broken into the “AOL” email accounts of the Bush family, which Guccifer is said to’ve posted on the internet on February 7th, and Smoking Gun reporting it on February 8th, as i recall.

It so happened that the email i reported in the early evening on Feb. 6, as possibly having been hacked, suspecting the account was used by an impostor, is an “AOL” email. The coincidence was rather striking and since then Guccifer is said to’ve been hacking AOL accounts of Hilary Clinton and other politicians, as well as actors, etc., but exclusively “AOL” accounts, it seems.

Even more puzzling is that the repeated breaking in of AOL accounts is not reported in the news media, nor considered “Breaking News” ? The accounts of two former Presidents were hacked, with private photos and emails exposed and the FBI, FTC and IC3 nor Secret Service have not been able to catch or identify Guccifer ?

If so, and our cyber crime units, including the Secret Service, the latter who are so much more advanced and have technologies on hand not available to us for years to come, how will they be able to protect the country if an AOL hacker can’t be caught ?

Is the person with whom i communicated, believing it was an acquaintance, Guccifer having broken into that account and is now holding investigative departments hostage in ways of letting them know that he has the goods on everyone who has AOL emails, and possibly FBI officials, etc, as well, so they leave him alone ?

Why does he ONLY ( apparently) hack AOL accounts ?
What is his motive for hacking AOL accounts ? It does not appear to gain access to information, ‘cuz if that was the case he wouldn’t have outed himself as having succeeded hacking emails, rather be quiet about it and collect as much information as he possibly could ?

Why, of all snoops in the land, was The Smoking Gun website of, coincidentally, Time Warner who so happens to own AOL, the one having discovered Guccifer’s uploads of the President Bush 41 and 43 emails ?

A hacker targets AOL accounts exclusively, whose uploads are discovered by a website belonging to the company that owns AOL.

Something is amiss…….
…..and until we find out what exactly is amiss, hackers could be running our country, by holding the Government hostage with private emails some may want to prevent from becoming public…..
Wouldn’t that scenario make for a suspenseful, not to say scary, polit-thirller ?
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