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“Special” Schools and Dangerous American Psychiatry

by Korifaeus

Approximately three times a week a Police car and a Roosevelt Hospital Ambulance arrives in front of the Manhattan school in Mid-town Manhattan ( 52nd street, between 8th and 9th) in New York city, to pick up a youngster who most often will be handcuffed, then driven to Roosevelt Hospital via Ambulance.

Manhattan School is a “special” high school for troubled youngsters and just one of many such schools where police cars and ambulances arrive at a regular basis. The picking-up of youngsters, many of whom are driven in handcuffs to the Hospital via ambulance, is so well known about because the school is in midst a residential neighborhood with residents having observed the ongoings for years – many of whom capturing it on video, cell phones and calling Law enforcement and the FBI about it.

But since, apparently, neither the FBI nor law enforcement felt there was anything wrong with bringing youngsters in such great numbers to hospitals in handcuffs, those having witnessed, observed and captured the goings-on on video, began their own investigation in a neighborhood watch-dog cooperation sort of way, with decent school staffers, nurses, physicians, hospital staff, billing personnel and ambulance drivers all collaborating – an exemplary people’s effort of its finest.

All it takes is for a youngster to make a rogue remark, according to the reports, and the police is called along with an ambulance. The teenager is then handcuffed and driven to Roosevelt hospital where he or she will first see the emergency Psychiatrist for a first evaluation. The evaluation, however, is a provocation by the Psychiatrist ( this is all on record) for example, telling the youngster in an authoritative voice he/she is “despicable” – in short, the Psychiatrist will degrade the youngster and without any actual evaluation commit him/her to the Psychiatric ward.

The youngster may be held for a day or for as long as the Psychiatrist chooses, but what the teenager will face and experience during the tenure at the Station, will not be therapeutic treatment, to say the least.

Psychologically troubled folks, be it kids, teenager or adults need first and foremost be “comforted” = find themselves in a “healing” environment where they can feel and experience “trust”. Prisoners at Guantanamo get better beds to sleep on than “patients” on Roosevelt Hospital’s 7th floor, according to the insiders.

The mattresses are thin rubber/plastic covered mattresses, as though from a prison in Siberia to torture hard-core criminals for answers. The blankets are thin synthetic blankets, similar to the ones one gets on the plane. The pillows are also similar to those one gets on a plane, as though Roosevelt’s psychiatric ward gets hand-me-downs from airlines companies.

The skin creme and tooth paste given to the patients tested positive for psycho-tropics, that when used will make the user feel “confused” and the skin and gums “numb”.

At times the Station manager will call for assembling in the assembly room, answering questions and “threatening” the patients, treating them like “in-mates”. Threats are as follows;
” Nobody will believe you should you seek to file suit and go to court. The Judge will always believe the Psychiatrist, so don’t waste your time. “( paraphrase quote of the Station manager on several occasion, as witnessed by numerous patients, as well as staff. Including ” Secret Surveillance” ( video./audio) by cooperating Hospital staff.)

Should a patient, a youngster, be sitting on the floor talking to a fellow patient, the station manager will “order” the patient to get up, in ways a drill sergeant may give “orders” during basic training.

Patients are “ordered” to take part in “grooming” day, which means to put polish on their fingernails, apply make-up to their faces, ( men and women are “ordered to participate) thus sitting in a small room that smells incredibly strong of nail-polish, nail polish remover, according to the reports.

Those feeling stress while being involuntarily incarcerated may begin sniffing nail polish and or polish-remover – some men and women have been observed polishing their fingernails, to sniff or lick them afterward. Many may become sniff-addicts due to trying to numb themselves due to feeling traumatized.

The station’s walls are painted while patients are present on the 7th floor, with strong fumes filling up the air, breathed in by the patients, due to all windows remaining closed ( they can not be opened), thus non-ventilated during the painting of the walls. The freshly painted walls have often been observed to be licked by patients, apparently attracted by the smell, according to the reports.

When ( if) finally released from the Psychiatric ward, the teenager will most likely be forced to see a Psychiatrist, or Psychologist for as long as the Psychiatrist/Psychologist chooses, and since the teenage years are the most difficult years, the youngster may end up having a tough time coping with the trauma of having been incarcerated in a hospital and treated like a criminal, thus may end up being a sniffer ( lacker, polish, etc) drug user, or alcoholic.

In the meantime, according to the billing department, the students ending up at Roosevelt are Medicaid/medicare covered, thus Medicaid/medicare is billed for 6 to 25 thousand dollars, depending on how long a student is kept at the hospital.

It’s not improbable that it may be a kick-back operation, which is a well known Medicaid/medicare scam between Hospitals, and/or Physicians and third parties supplying patients to Physicians or Hospitals, with the patient supplier receiving a percentage from the profit made of Medicaid/medicare.

Is this really the way troubled youngsters are being helped, since that’s the reason they’re sent to special schools, such as the Manhattan School, in the first place = to be helped ? Or a sure way for hospitals to make profit, giving kick-backs to patient-suppliers, while defrauding Government healthcare, robbing the country blind ?

You’ll be the Judge

More on Illegal Incarcerations, please see Handy-cap-cuffing upright Citizens



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