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Toxic Perfumes

by Korifaeus

Perfumes and Cologne smell on every skin differently, but some perfumes/colognes smell bad when still in the bottle.It is somewhat alarming, how many folks can not smell that these fumes smell anything but delicious, instead awfully toxic. How often i found myself sitting besides folks, men and women, wearing perfumes or cologne that made my nose crawl, is as often as i found myself standing behind women from whose hair emanated a penetrant smell, so toxic and “biting”, it causes “toxic fume alert” to my nose.

In recent years many more people began suffering allergies, than ever before – people who never had allergies before, suddenly began having allergies and so badly they had to take allergy medications. Sneezing, runny nose, teary eyes, swollen eye-lids, from one day to the other.

I don’t suffer from allergies, (knock, knock, knock) but there are substances in nature that cause a “natural” allergic reaction in healthy human beings with in-tact immune systems, due to the substance’s “toxicity”. In many cases what we often interpret as an “allergic” reaction is just a natural response of our bodies to a toxic substance, or an irritant.

To feel nauseous after eating bad food is a “natural” reaction/response of the body telling us something we ate was not good to be consumed, and the body, if healthy, will throw up the food so not to be digested and possibly cause harm, such as poisoning from bad fish, bad chicken etc.

But not everyone can smell “toxic” smells, or a specific smell that causes an alert as to possibly causing harm, just as some people aren’t able to taste Phenylthiocarbamide (PTC) while others instantly taste it, unable to drink or eat anything containing PTC. PTC is a compound that tastes very bitter, and often used for scientific research, by which unbeknownst to the population it is placed in certain foods or drinks ( it’s harmless) to test who reacts/responds to it, thus able to taste it, and who does not.

In order to work for certain departments of the Secret Service, for example, one has to have the Genetic make-up of being able to taste PTC, as well as other substances not commonly tasted or smelled by others, for example certain toxins in the air that may be harmful but not perceived by many of the general public.

Thus since many are unable to smell toxic substances in soaps, shampoo, conditioners or perfumes and colognes, even fragrant candles or these new room-fresheners, they often end up getting allergies unaware it’s from the very perfumes they wear, etc.

Having met quite a few of new allergy sufferers who so happened to be wearing perfumes or colognes or smelled of hair-conditioner or soap that smelled toxic to me, i suggested to them to try to not use the perfume for a day ( or a different hair-conditioner, etc,). and some really suffering so badly, wanting to get better, were open to any suggestions, didn’t use it for a day, …. then two days, then three days, until finally they realized it was the perfume/cologne, etc. that caused them the allergic reactions.

We live in a time where there is to just about every product a counterfeit product, from medications, to electronic devices, to chocolate, to perfumes – great sales on the internet promising French, Italian, etc, perfumes for half the price, may well be counterfeits with toxic substances. But counterfeits packaging are so well manufactured, it is difficult even for experts to tell the real one apart from the fake one, unless when smelling each single one, which is just about impossible to do with the amount of goods being sold nowadays. Thus it’s not the Government’s fault, ‘cuz they can’t be everywhere and we ourselves need to take responsibility, especially after warnings about counterfeits are being issued by the different Governments.

Alarming, too, is that Physicians ( not all, thank goodness) don’t take perfumes, etc. into consideration when diagnosing a patient, prescribing allergy medication, instead of suggesting to try to not use a certain perfume, or other, for a time being, to see if the symptoms become less or go away.

Thus if you suffer from allergies, while never having had allergies before, try not using some of the aforementioned for a while, to see if the allergies disappear.

And in some cases the none-use of certain toxic smelling perfumes/colognes can even safe relationships, even marriages, since some men and women react heavily to the toxins, causing them to be irritable, aggressive as though to “repel” the wearer of the fumes/toxins, 😉



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