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Mummies had Arteriosclerosis say……. Scientists ?

by Korifaeus

Scientists, according to ABC and other news sources, discovered Mummies had calcification of the arteries, from which they concluded ancient people, too, suffered from arteriosclerosis.

According to the news it’s the first scientific study of international mummies – not just Egyptian ones – each of whom were given a cat-scan which showed calcification of the arteries, which was believed to be a modern disease, falling under the category of industrial age diseases. Not so, according to the Scientists, as reported via the news, ancient folks, too, had signs of heart disease.

So let me see if i get that correctly: Mummies, some of whom are supposedly thousands of years old = dead and mummified for at least one thousand ( 1000 ) years, were given a cat-scan, so to discover if or if they did not have “calcified” arteries.

If i’m not mistaken, to mummify a human body, many organs are removed from the body; after which the body is being released of its bodily fluids and then treated with natron or other salt-solutions to prevent decomposition, until finally after approx. 35 to 40 days, being wrapped and placed into a Sarcophagus.

The residue of blood remaining inside the blood vessels ( arteries, veins, capillaries) consisting of plasma, proteins, and “minerals”, end up sticking to the artery walls, etc. which is only natural since the dead and mummified body is void of circulation, by which calcium deposits will always be visible inside the blood vessels of dead people, especially in 1000 year old mummies, i would think… ? Aside from the fact that the mummies were washed out with “natron”, a salt, and salt is a mineral. I don’t know, but do salt deposits show in Cat-scans similar to calcium deposits ? Is it possible to distinguish salt from calcium in a cat-scan ?

Aside from that any organism, be it vegetation, fish, animals or human beings, consisting of minerals, will positively show calcium/mineral deposits inside it’s vessel system ( plants, too, have vessels) when no longer alive, ( dried plants, leaves) due to it being void of circulation thus the remains of dried up fluids will stick unto the vessel’s walls = mineral and protein deposits.

To diagnose a non-circulative species that has been dead for thousands of years AND was mummified (they’re hard as stone) with arteriosclerosis, which can only be diagnosed “positively” in species who’re either still alive ( circulating) or within a certain amount of time after death, is scary Medical science because 1. If flawed it excuses industrial age diseases, as though to defend them as being natural.

What will the next new Science headlines read, i wonder ?

Possible Future News
Scientists create plants void of Calcium to prevent heart-disease and arteriosclerosis for future human beings. Strawberry flavored plastic with melted-in antihistamines to prevent allergic reactions shown not to have any adverse side affects and yummy Cheddar Cheese flavored Play-Doh that doesn’t smell of cheese, approved by FDA to fight arteriosclerosis.

Now also available as LITE – tastes just like ” Fat Free”, 😉



One comment on “Mummies had Arteriosclerosis say……. Scientists ?

  1. gnaym
    January 30, 2014

    well, i believe when you’re a mummy, arteriosclerosis is the last thing you should worry about?

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