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Lawmakers to take Insanity Test

Our Insane World
by Korifaeus

To put a perspective on what’s allowed and what’s not allowed, here three examples for a little chuckle, 😉

1. You may tattoo your entire body, pierce any part of your skin to adorn it with any metal of your choice in New York city, but you may not sell flavored cigarillos ( small cigars with vanilla flavors, etc) so not to encourage young people, i.e. teenagers, to smoke. But you may open up a tattoo and piercing parlor and tattoo and pierce teenagers.

2. You may have silicone placed in your body by a certified surgeon in New York city, who will cut your skin to place soft rubber pillows filled with silicone or salt-water under your skin, to improve the size of your breast or buttocks, but you may not ( under any circumstance) sell raw cow’s milk or raw goat’s milk in New York City, but you may place as much plastic, silicone, or other, underneath your skin to improve your self-esteem.

3. You may change your gender, receiving hormone treatment to grow a beard if you’re a woman, or hormone treatment to increase your estrogen level, if you’re a man, and have your vagina surgically turned into a penis and your penis into a vagina, but you may not smoke in Central park.




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