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Cannibals amongst us

Unfathomable news
by Korifaeus

There was a time ( long ago ) when the Government of “all” countries made it an effort to protect the “well-being” of its people; the physical and “mental” well-being. This effort used to be supported by the free press,( media) who as well made it a priority to share noteworthy information (news) with the public without causing harm.

This was when papers and the Media hired Journalists ( folks with an education in Journalism), exclusively, to write and share the news with the public. Times have changed.

When first reading about the New York cop accused of wanting to “eat” women, i thought ” Cunnilingus” was meant, thinking:” He’s on trial because of WHAT ?”

When learning more about it, i thought there must be a mistake, perhaps a misunderstanding – is it possible some weren’t familiar with the term ” eat a woman” , thus took it literally ?

Then i thought what IF his wife, looking into the computer they shared, reading his remarks, was perhaps as ignorant as i was and totally misinterpreted what he meant ?

Everyone has their area of ignorance and i sure made a fool of myself some years back when seeing a Broadway show with a male friend of mine, starring Frank Langella. A funny show and in one scene Frank Langella said the word “Cunnilingus”, which was the punchline for the joke – i enjoy humor, wanted to laugh but didn’t get it because i didn’t know what “cunnilingus” meant.

I turned to my friend “whispering” into his right ear, asking, ” What’s “Candalingas ?” He turned to me and whispered:” Shhh, i tell you later”, and the folks behind us, apparently having heard my whispered question, started laughing. Good thing it was a comedy, LOL.

Of course i’ve heard of the “french way”, as it used to be called – or French Sex, which no one ever heard of until after the first world war, but i didn’t know it’s called ” Cunnilingus”. I also knew the term,
“eating women”, and yeah i know, i know, fellatio is not an Italian opera.

Thus when reading about the cop accused of wanting to eat women, i thought surely his wife didn’t know the term “eating women”, taking it literally believing he’s a Cannibal.

When reading some remarks exchanged on the fantasy website the accused Cannibal is said to’ve visited, i also thought it rather innocent and wouldn’t have thought anything by it, for example the question: ” How big is your oven”.

“Oven” is a term used for the female vulva, for example:” She has a loaf in the oven” does not mean she’s baking bread, rather she’s pregnant.

The Comedian who killed the audience did not commit a violent act, rather succeeded in making everyone laugh; the comedian who bombed did not commit a violent act either, rather failed terribly, not making anyone laugh at his jokes. The more expressions one is familiar with, the more some articles or news stories seem at first innocent, until….. one reads further realizing it appeared all was meant literally. The cop accused of having Cannibalistic fantasies appeared to’ve had indeed the intention of eating his wife, according to the press.

And that is too much information and can be harmful to the public.

Why does the press/media believe it is necessary to share such a story with the public ? To what purpose ? Why should the innocence of many minds be jeopardized ? Why take the innocence away from people ? When reading such a story, these pictures stay in the mind, and some who’re mentally vulnerable can become paranoid. It also creates trigger effects, by which the term ” eating women” will remind folks of cannibalism.

Now there is a Horse meat scandal in Europe; imagine one doesn’t read , instead HEARS right after having learned of the cannibal story, ” In Nice ( France) they eat horse “.

Considering the french are meant, it’s open to interpretation…..



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