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Jewish Anti-Semites ?

A Race = Paris-Dakar
By Korifaeus

A year ago i happened to talk on my cell phone with an Arabic friend, while at my favorite coffee place here in New York City. At the end of the short conversation i wished him “good night” in Arabic. ( time difference = 11 hours ) The “very quiet” short conversation ( i might add ) was overheard by a man sitting across from me, who then asked if that was Arabic and if i know Arabic and why ?

A fair enough question, thus told him yes, it was Arabic ( the couple of words i said), i don’t know Arabic very well, and learned throughout the years, also refreshing it when visiting the Arabian Peninsula.

He then proceeded to tell me that Arabs are the worst people in the world, and he went on and on, speaking in a heavy Israeli accent, it turned out. It’s become difficult to guess an israeli accent ; Israeli accents differ from person to person, depending on the background; sometimes it sounds like an Israeli accent, other times it sounds like a French accent, other times a heavy ( very heavy) German accent, etc.

I inquired about his background, wondering why he had such a great dislike for “Arabs”, considering Israel consists of an Arabic population, as well, with Arabic people in the government and Knesset. His family came from Romania, he told me; a Jewish Romanian Israeli.

I couldn’t resist thus humorously asked, him telling me he was Jewish and Israeli, if he was an Anti-Semite ? He looked at me surprised, then said he doesn’t hate Jewish people, he is Jewish himself.

“But you appear to dislike “all” Arabs ?, i responded inquiringly, “and Arabs are Semites.”

Eventually we came to an agreement that it’s difficult to see who is a Semite, or Arab, and who isn’t, since Religion has little to do with the nationality ( i.e., genetic background/family tree) of a person. Not everyone who is a Muslim or Jewish is a Semite. The majority of Jewish people of today, in fact, are not of semitic descend.

And this brings me to a point that is overdue of being addressed; the accusation of ” Anti Semitism” = folks ( or their parents) having converted to the Religion of “Judaism”, who when being criticized “personally”, instantly call whoever criticized, an ” Anti-Semite”, even though it is quite apparent the person having converted to Judaism is not of Semitic descend.

Anyone can convert to Judaism nowadays, or call oneself Jewish even without having converted; it happens all the time and is nothing new. This is America, the land of the free, and everyone can do as they please and worship as they choose; even lie, which is not against the law. There is no crime met when stating, ” i am Jewish”, and one is neither Jewish, nor a Semite, nor a Hebrew. A tremendous amount of folks do it and have done so in the past – it’s old hat and no big deal.

But what mind-buggles me a bit what is that “some” converting or becoming Jewish wish not to reflect positive on their newly chosen Religion, and at times behave in ways one could call the opposite of “exemplary” perhaps ?

Take certain blogs right here on WordPress, or some Myspace sites of folks proudly announcing themselves as ” Jewish”. A Blog of a young girl in her twenties, i saw last year, sharing her inner wishes to beat up a woman who annoys her at Starbucks. She proclaims herself as being neurotic and portrays herself as young woman with a violent temper, making sure to always remind everyone she’s Jewish.

But she’s by far not the only one; Hasidic ( Lubavitch ) youths, some of whom i personally know quite well, have photos of themselves on Myspace with truly outrageous comments, so vulgar and “pornographic”, it’s only natural to wonder if they want to make their own people look bad, intentionally provoking anti-Jewish sentiments ?

The F word has become an all-time favorite to use, lately, and some kids find it amusing to call the city of their home, ” Jew York”, instead of New York, on their public internet websites. They embarrass their parents, their communities, heritage, Religion, an entire people even, and don’t seem to even take that into consideration, or are aloof to it, or…. do it on purpose to get back at their parents ? I don’t know.

My generation and the generations before that, were brought up to reflect good on our families, heritage, nationally, not to bring shame on one’s family, people, forefathers, etc. –

So my question is, what’s going on ? Have some Anti-Semites moved into the Jewish communities trying to provoke anti-Semitic sentiments, believing all Jewish folks of today are Semites ? Or anti-Jewish folks having converted to Judaism, moving into the different communities, trying to provoke anti-Jewishness, believing everyone saying they’re Jewish is Jewish ?

Welcome to the United States of America, where anyone can be whatever they want to be.
As a reminder, the lyrics of a song of an American Classic – the Sitcom Cheers.

“Making your way in the world today takes everything you’ve got.
Taking a break from all your worries, sure would help a lot.
Wouldn’t you like to get away?
Sometimes you want to go
Where everybody knows your name,
and they’re always glad you came.
You wanna be where you can see,
our troubles are all the same
You wanna be where everybody knows
Your name.”


And here a little video, in the sentiment of the Constitution of the United States of America, everyone is “invited” to do.




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