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Michelle Obama applying for SAG

And the Oscar goes to…?
By Korifaeus

It came as a big surprise to many watching the Academy Awards ( Oscars) last night, when suddenly, live from the White House, there was the first Lady, wife of the President of the United States, Barack Hussein Obama, opening the envelope to announce the winner for best Motion Picture – and the Oscar goes to, ” Ben Affleck for Argo”.

I myself didn’t watch the Oscars, but heard about it from friends calling me last night and reading the paper this morning. The last time i spent several hours sitting in front of a screen watching the Oscars was when Steve Martin was the host; i thought he was terrific and found it was the last time the academy awards were exciting to watch. In fact, he should’ve been the annual host for the Oscars from that moment forward, instead the Academy chose Billy Crystal, which dumped the ratings to the lowest ever, because some may’ve forgotten to tell Billy Crystal he’s no longer in the Shtetl and Borscht Belt humor has been a thing of the past for more than 50 years.

If i hear something was worth watching, the monologue, a speech or such, i look at it on youtube.

I have not watched Michele Obama’s premiere as presenter of the Academy Awards yet, but when reading and hearing about it i was a bit what taken aback; Is that really what the first Lady of the United States should be doing ? Opening the envelope for the Academy Awards ?

How would it have seemed if not Marilyn Monroe had sung Happy Birthday FOR and TO then President of the U.S.A. John F. Kennedy, rather visa versa ? Showing up at a Hollywood award show with a microphone to sing Happy Birthday to Marilyn, or singing with the Beatles at the Ed Sullivan show, seeking support from young voters, ‘cuz that’s exactly what it has come to = Popularity Contestant of the United States instead of LEADER of a country and the free world, kids should look “up” to.

Maybe i’m old fashioned ?

On the other hand, considering Ben Affleck did not receive a nomination for Best Director from his peers (even though his movie was nominated; movies apparently direct themselves) Michelle Obama made it somewhat of a special moment for Ben Affleck (making up for Ben Affleck having been snubbed) thus a historic event. He’s the first Actor/Director in History having received the Oscar from the first Lady of the United States.

Having said that there may also be another reason why Michelle Obama chose to cozy up a bit more with Hollywood’s finest. OBAMA CARE ! She’s thinking way ahead, trying to get into SAG ( Screen Actors Guild) to have a healthcare plan, Blue Cross/Blue Shield, allowing her to choose her own Doctors. 🙂



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