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“Mister Putin please put up that Wall”

The Iron Curtain
by Korifaeus

It was a historic speech President Reagan gave in 1989, finally addressing then President Gorbatschov ( paraphrase) :” Mister Gorbatschov, take down that wall” – referring to the Berlin Wall, which resulted in not just taking down the wall, but opening the Iron Curtain, as well.

That’s 24 years ago and while much of the world felt joy ( not me ) for the former citizens of the USSR, the sentiment is no longer shared, after many have experienced the Russian way of trying to take over the west, once again. It was a try, but after decades of having been locked up behind walls not allowing access to the rest of the world, most still appear not to be ready to live in a “free” world, and granting said freedom to everyone. Once again, the “freed” are trying to enforce their former way on the rest of the world = trying to install “communism”.

While the big honchos of the former USSR took all of their people’s money, living a luxurious life throughout the communist era, with their homes filled with western appliances, western fashion, french wines, cheeses and perfumes, their people were not granted these same rights, and …. when the wall fell, the iron curtain opened, the big honchos took their people’s money and went out to buy up western companies, leaving their people without jobs and in despair.

Uncountable firms, factories, hotels, eateries, etc. were bought by the nouveau billionaires of Russia in central Europe, Canada, Brazil, Columbia, the Middle East ( Israel, the U.A.E.) the U.S. etc, buying up one company after the other. Wealthy western business men, and politicians, were seduced by Russian models, with use of “dusting”, should they be dealing with an upright married man, not wanting to cheat on his wife.

But “dusted” Russian models are difficult to say no to, even to men with the strongest characters, because……

” Dusting” is an old trick used since the first World War by the French and Russians, by males and females working for crime-rings trying to extort either money through black mail, or the resignation or sale of the “subject”s ( victim’s ) business.

“Dusting” is when the shoulders of a shirt of male or female Mole are “dusted” ( powdered) with addictive substances inducing “euphoria”, such as Meth, DMT or any other “Powerful” Neurotoxin that’s highly addictive and when “sensed” induces ” Euphoria”.

The reason a male or female, trained to seduce a subject, is dusted, is to “attract” and addict the Subject; all the male or female needs to do is to be close enough for the subject to “sense” the “dust”. Should the male or female succeed in having the subject hug them, it’s all that’s needed to hook them and want more.

All it takes is a whiff of the substance and the subject will instantly feel a sort of euphoria; since the victim does not know he/she was drugged, the victim believes he or she is “in love”, thus feeling an attraction to the male or female actually trying to con him/her.

Wives of successful moguls found themselves in compromising positions with a dusted male, with photos having been secretly taken and used to blackmail the socialite, trying to extort money. Successful business men, too, found themselves in compromising positions with dusted Russian models, ending up losing their companies, positions. etc.

Assuming not only businessmen were able to be “addicted” by dusted male or female models, with photos being taken of them in compromising positions, but Politicians and Judges, as well, they each could easily become corrupt trying to save their reputation and crimes that could/would have been investigated under normal circumstances won’t, nor see a day in court.

The scams and schemes used since the fall of the Berlin wall and opening of the Iron curtain to take control of the West, so it seems, are so well-known about, with an enormous amount of hard evidence collected over decades of undercover investigations, with Judges throwing out the cases, unaware they, too were being investigated to see how corruption has even reached the most sacred chambers on which the “Justice” system of a country depends on.

The only way for countries to fight corruption of any kind is for “the people” to gain an awareness as to the different scams good folks can fall victim to, thus not “judge” so harshly, throwing stones at those who may have fallen “victim” to dusters, for example, desperately trying to save their families, protect their children, their wives and their future and reputation, thus become corrupt ONLY to prevent harm coming to their families.

When gaining an understanding, however, victims can come forward not fearing they’ll be outcast and their families shunned, should compromising photos be published by a greedy media outlet wanting to take advantage of a victim’s courage to stand up against corruption.

If only we could all be a little less Judgemental, corruption could become a thing of the past, if only…….



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