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” The Smoking Gun” beats the FBI ?

Slow CATs ?
by Korifaeus

Paging through the New York Post this morning over coffee, not anticipating actual news, since, after all, it’s the Post known for it’s witty play-on-words headlines, not “news”, i was a bit what taken-aback reading about someone having succeeded hacking into email accounts of members of the Bush family – The Presidential Bush family. WOW, i thought, stunned anyone could succeed in gaining access to Secret-Service safe-pin email accounts.

A hacker using a moniker ” Guccifer”, perhaps to make it sound fashionable ( Lucifer wearing Gucci ?) is said to’ve extracted quite a lot of data, including pictures, from different email accounts of Bush family members, is said to’ve posted some of the private photos on some website and ….. who found out about it within a day ? The Smokinggun website, aka the current online-news insider of Time Warner.

Not only did the SmokingGun find out about it way before the FBI, FTC or any other of the investigative departments, SmokingGun was also able to contact Guccifer personally, asking the hacker via emails some questions and received answers. No question, it’s stupefyingly impressive.

But where is the website where Guccifer is said to’ve uploaded some of the data he illegally retrieved from the private accounts of the two former Presidents, George W. Bush and George H.W. Bush, and friends and family members ? How did the Smokinggun learn about it way before the CATs ( Cyber Action Team ) of the FBI or the Secret Service learn about it ?

“How” exactly the SmokingGun “learned” of the website of this Guccifer person way before the Secret Service or FBI discovered the email accounts of the Bush family were accessed illegally ? Or did Guccifer call Time Warner’s SmokingGun to bestow them with an exclusive ?

Everyone should be allowed their right to privacy, even former Presidents, and learning President Bush, the elder, was in the hospital, i hope he’s all right now and wish him many many more healthy years, of joy, fun and laughter with his family.

As for George W. Bush, we learned something knew about him, too; he can paint.
Seeing the two paintings by George W. Bush, especially the one in the shower with the upper back to the viewer and a shaving mirror to the right of him, i was impressed with his choice of composition, because it left “mystery” ( because it’s not revealing, it only shows his upper back torso) which evokes “curiosity” and curiosity evokes an emotion = suspense, and THAT is an “art”.

A shower scene – Did he use water colors ? 😉



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