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RIM Blackberry VS Lemons and other sour Fruit

by Korifaeus
Blackberry 8330

Like many still in possession of the original smartphone by RIM, the 8330 World Edition Blackberry, i too, have been holding on to it because no other smartphone currently on the market can possibly compete with this Classic Blackberry Model. By nowadays Phone and Computer standards it’s an “Antique”, and though i could have gotten an upgrade to newer models several times since i’ve purchased it originally, i’d bought a second one in reserve, which Verizon was kind enough to sent to me, still having had some unused classic models in their inventory. I’m glad i did, ‘cuz my phone finally broke down two weeks ago, thus had a reserve phone handy. 🙂

Whenever it was time for an upgrade or the little arrow-ball needed to be changed, the sales men at Verizon tried persuading me to get a new phone, but i had to decline; no other smartphone available could compare, i told them. Asking why, i told them the reasons – my very personal reason, shared by those i’ve spoken to who also continue holding on to their “classic”.

1. I prefer the friendly silver “color”, as opposed to the new dark ones. Silver is far more appealing to look at.

2. I prefer the “size” of the phone comfortably fitting in my hand.

3. I prefer the size of the “keys”, making it easy for me to thumb-type, as opposed to the much smaller keys of the newer versions, or touch-screen keys on i-phones on which i have to re-type letters because of content misses = typos.

4. I prefer the “letters” and “numbers” which are black on silver, which make them far easier to read than the keys on the newer versions = “blue” or “red” on black which is highly uncomfortable for the eyes and not as easy to read, since i’m a farsighted adult using reading glasses.

I’ve bought an i-phone when they first came out and i admit it’s a terrific “gadget”, but it was totally useless to me personally because i traveled quite a bit outside the country, thus was unable to use it, since world-editions where not available with AT&T. Nor did i like the touch-screen keys, especially when having to type a “quick” memo.

The i-phone truly is a terrific “gadget” and i still take it with me because it has a great camera, it takes terrific pictures, the only thing the blackberry thus far does not take = good photos with tiny pixels. But other than that i still prefer my Antique World Edition – thus have been hoping RIM would come out with an up-graded version of their Classic model.

And just a little while ago i checked what the new Blackberry models look like, and …..

Porsche Design

…..i found one to my liking; The new Porsche Design Blackberry = A nice “size” – Color Silver – big enough key-pads – Letters/Numbers black on Silver – No more “arrow-ball” and a Camera which will hopeful take quality small pixel photos.

Thus i called the Verizon Store in my neighborhood inquiring if they have the Porsche Design Blackberry and was told…. ? No, and they don’t know when they’re going to get it. (?)

Ever since the ‘ RED ” Z” ‘ disappeared from the Verizon logo on their phones, they seem to be a little slow with the blackberry orders, it seems. If i was Verizon i’d be ordering a bundle – ” Porsche” Design Blackberry somehow has a nice ring to it. 😉



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