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Flip-Flop fashion for the Icy Cold

Do you flip-flop ?
By Korifaeus

It was freezing cold last week here in New York City; below 20 degrees Fahrenheit, thus i was thrilled to’ve gotten a pair of warm and cozy UGgs ( formerly known as Shetland boots) for my Birthday a few days earlier. It was icy cold out, but covered in a sheep skin coat, the boots, hat and woolen earmuffs i was grateful the comfy boots arrived just on time.

While i was bundled up as though i was walking through a breeze from Alaska, i noticed, to my great astonishment, that some folks chose to wear…. flip-flops. You read that correctly; ” Flip-Flops” – the new plastic/rubber fashion many have been sporting during spring, summer and fall in recent years, and yes… in New York City.

Last year and earlier this winter i’ve seen it, too, which is dumbfounding to me because these men and women appear not to fear getting cold feet, nor catch a cold. Though many wear a warm coat, scarf, woolen hat, even earmuffs, at times, as well as long pants, their choice of footwear are ” flip-flops” worn “barefooted”, i might add.

Flip-flops are a whole new thing for New York City, where people used to dress up, even if just casual, good footwear was quite recognizable on the feet of New Yorkers ‘cuz they walk a lot. The typical footwear of women going to the office used to be
” sneakers” with a pair of pumps, or other dress shoes, in their purse to be changed when at the office.

In recent years we’ve seen more and more flip-flop wearers in the city, but to see these folks wear them in the winter and more specifically last week when it was icy cold, is a head turner.

Are these folks originally from Siberia and our winter temperatures are much like spring weather to them ? But more importantly, how do their backs feel after walking through the city with flip-flops all day ?

Flip-flops are not for everyone, and many i know, men and women, including myself, can’t wear them ‘cuz it’s close to impossible to tolerate that thingie in between my big and second toe. The thought of wearing flip-flops is as if having to wear Y-string underwear, which to me is as though one volunteers for a 24/7 wedgie.

As for the gigantic snow storm approaching New York City momentarily, surely the flip-flop wearers must be shaking their head at commoners like myself who’ll be striding through the snow in leather or rubber boots, never to experience the refreshing sensation of having cold feet.




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This entry was posted on February 8, 2013 by in Satire.
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