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The Flu Epidemic Mystery

by Korifaeus

I live in New York City, New York, a Metropolitan city of millions of people, riding the subway, bus, cabs, or walking, gathering in cafes, frequenting supermarkets and the list goes on. Last week the headlines of local papers read a flu epidemic struck New York, with the national TV news media also reporting on the Flu epidemic, said to have spread in many major cities of the United States.

Coincidentally the lady at the register sneezed JUST as she rang up my paper, her sneezed on fingers now touching the paper i would soon page through, with the headline reading ” Flu Epidemic”.

I pondered if i should exchange the paper, perhaps, so not to catch the flu, but who says the delivery guy of the papers didn’t sneeze on the papers ? Thus i read the paper, drank my coffee then began looking around. What flu epidemic ? One person sneezed, the lady at the register, and only once – she didn’t have a red, stuffed or runny nose, and no one else around me showed any flu symptoms.

I asked the girls working there, aware they ride the subway to work every day about the people they encounter in the subway, but none of them witnessed folks sneezing coughing, or exhibiting other flu symptoms. I, too, ride the subway, the bus, but had not seen any signs of a flu “epidemic”, either.

One would think that in a city of millions of people one would encounter some folks with flu-symptoms, or at least the beginnings of flu-symptoms, since those with a full-fledged flu stay most probably at home, and in bed. But there were no signs of flu anywhere.

I went to check on the drugstores in my neighborhood, asking Pharmacists i know if they’d witnessed signs of a flu epidemic = prescriptions being filled, increased sale on flu medications, etc. – the sure place to know for sure if a flu epidemic indeed struck New York – but the answers were consistent with what i myself and others already observed = ” No”.

The sale that did increase at the drugstores and pharmacies, however, was that of “Flu Shots”. The moment the news media reported on the flu-epidemic people ran to get themselves “flu-shots”. Flu-shots sold out in different drugstores and pharmacies in a shirt period of time.

This reminded me a bit what of the Anthrax scare of 2001/2002 with the papers scaring folks into getting “CIPRO”, an antibiotic manufactured at that time by Bayer A.G., said to be the only treatment when having contracted anthrax. Note, only the “liberal” media ran overboard on the anthrax scare promoting ” CIPRO”, while Bush43 Administration Health Secretary Tommy Thompson’s comforting suggestions to the public went almost unnoticed, assuring folks many antibiotics are capable of treating victims of anthrax, not just the VERY expensive CIPRO.

What the liberal media forgot to mention was that Bayer A.G.’s “patent” of CIPRO was about to expire. Millions of Americans, including friends of mine, got themselves prescriptions for Cipro, enough for the entire family in case should the unthinkable happen and they’ll be infected with Anthrax. Many spent between $600.00 and $900.00 on getting a reserve on CIPRO.

The Anthrax scare stopped the very moment the Bayer’s Patent expired = in 2003, after which we never heard about Anthrax again.

What the liberal media is basically doing is creating the “Call wolf” scenario = at some point in time folks won’t believe their exaggerated reports anymore. Boy screams ” wolf”, the whole village comes running, boy has a laugh, he does it again and again, has a laugh, until one day a wolf appears, he screams wolf, the villagers ignore his screams and half the sheep are eaten by a pack of wolves.

It’s one thing to ignore the boy, but to ignore the dog’s barking ?….



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