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Are Americans too prudish to talk about Penis ?

by Korifaeus

Penis is not a curse word, not a vulgar term, nor is a Penis something frightening, scary, or a word or term that should make people blush. Every man has a penis, every male species ( Mammal) has a penis ; thus something normal and natural. Adults, men or women, acting prudish should one mention the word “Vagina” or “Penis”, even though they’re both aware there is such a thing as “genitals”, is kind of silly. Where do Babies come from ? The Stork.

Americans are much more prudish publicly, not privately, than say western/central Europeans. Not all Americans, of course, i’m generalizing because many act as though as though they have to “act” prudish upon hearing someone talk about a Penis; as though they’re not sure if they’re “allowed” to discuss or not – if it’s okay to even listen to it without feeling shame.

Most people don’t really “feel” shame, at least not “naturally”. It’s all about up bringing and when brought up in a very Religious household where sexuality, for example, would NEVER be discussed, and nakedness is regarded as sinful, such folks end up feeling they “have” to act embarrassed, show shame, cover their lower face in shock upon hearing the word of a genital mentioned.

What’s odd about it, America being known as a prudish country around the world, is that the U.S. was the first country with women sporting ENORMOUSLY huge breast made of silicone breast implants. That was okay – to promote unnaturally huge breast to young teenage girls who develop a complex feeling inferior when developing a “natural” size breast, thus are psychologically coerced into getting breast implants by age 16, at times.

American fashion ads are so much more sexually teasing than European fashion ads, take Calvin Klein’s underwear ads, for example, with European ads being much more tasteful for several reasons. Calvin Klein ads, as well as others, don’t look like fashion ads to me – they look like ads for call boys and girls, much like the ones in the back of newspapers = ads for Escort services.

Enormous breasts of Silicone can be shown publicly, but dare the nipple shows, that’s against the law. Male nipples are allowed, they apparently don’t cause any harm, but female nipples seem to be inappropriate for the public, even though they’re just as normal and don’t look that much different from male nipples.

That’s the irony, the biggest “fake” breasts are appropriate, but dare a “natural” female nipple shows.

Thus to loosen those who may be a bit up-tight up, here’s a humorous series and the first 5 parts are all about Penis. When having a dirty mind everything becomes dirty, and when having an innocent mind everything is innocent; thus even these small penis stories can be dirty IF one wants to see something dirty in it, even though they’re so squeaky clean, but… the word “Penis” is mentioned, uh oh 😉

Here the English language Playlist of the New Series, called ” Mischegas”, produced in two languages ( English and German) brought to you by Korifaeus Entertainment. Enjoy 🙂

Should you know any German folks, here’s the German language versions.





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