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The DANGER of Facebook

by Korifaeus

Facebook is a mystery to me; what’s mind boggling about Facebook is how many folks immediately got themselves a Facebook page, which came into being shortly after the Privacy-Controversy. Remember a few years ago when liberals protested against Big Brother’s supposed invasion on people’s privacy, via surveillance, etc. ?

Ironically, all the people having been critical of big brother were the very first ones to sign up on Facebook. A genius strategy would have been if Big Brother was the actual inventor and creator of Facebook, to keep a close eye on everyone with even private messages downloaded into the databank and analyzed. Really, that would’ve impressed me a LOT.

In fact, if i knew Big Brother was behind Facebook i would have signed up much earlier, ‘cuz i’m a fan, i trust Big Brother and look at it not as a System trying to “control” people, rather like an older Brother, literally a ” Big” brother, watching out for his younger Siblings ( ……. and then goes to Dad and squeals on the ones who were bad, LOL)

But seriously, aside from not really having the time to do Facebook, i had no desire to make friends with total strangers, nor have former class mates find me with whom i then would have to communicate, which again takes time away from my free time. Nor would i want to communicate with friends i have had for decades over Facebook. My friends have my telephone number and my email. What would i need Facebook for ?

Having said that, i started an Online Entertainment Boutique last year, which includes this Magazine, and since we are in the age of technology with ” Social Networking” supposedly being a must, i finally created a Facebook page for Prof.Dr. Korifaeus,( my Facebook page > Prof.Dr. Korifaeus ) as a try-out promotional tool for the different Korifaeus venues ( Entertainment, Music, Publishing, etc.). to see if there are advantages to having a Facebook page. But most importantly to look into the whole Facebook mystery and do some research.

After having created my Facebook page i began looking around, if some of the impostor pages i’ve seen a few years back, still exist. By ” Impostor” Facebook sites i’m referring to Facebook sites supposedly of well known people, like Actors, Producers, Comedians, etc. Quite a few Facebook sites of “supposedly” well known people are Impostor sites, which Facebook is well aware of, with uncountable folks having reported it to Facebook. Still Facebook has done nothing about it.

I looked around and found these sites still very much exist, and they state the full name of the celebrity but aren’t listed as a “fan” site. It states ” Actor/Director” or “Producer”, or other, right underneath the name, thus giving the impression it’s the actual Person’s Facebook page.

And here is why it can be dangerous:

An Impostor creates a site of a well known person = X; someone who knew X or may have had a fling with X prior to the person’s fame or marriage, or whatever, may innocently want to say hello, after seeing the well known person’s Facebook site.

Should it be obvious someone knew X privately they’ll become “friends” and the Impostor ( who can’t bee seen) may privately communicate via private messages, and “phish” for information.

Say you befriend someone of whom you believe is a celebrity, thus feel flattered you’re befriended with a celebrity. Assuming the Celebrity lives in your area or states he’s about to visit your area suggesting you meet for a coffee, at say “Starbucks” = a famous Impostor hang out), 2 of the following scenarios may occur.

1. He/she doesn’t show, ( meaning the actual Celebrity) but the Impostor you don’t know, but who knows what you look like, and knows some details about you, can lure you in, knowing what you like, how you are, etc.

The impostor, let’s assume he’s a “he”, makes the actual celebrity look bad, because he’s a no-show. He may even make up a story about the celebrity, saying things like ” Excuse me, you’e not waiting for “X”, are you ? The person may say, ” Yes, i am”, to which the impostor may say that you’re not the only one who got fooled by him, he does that to a lot of women, makes them come there and never shows.

In no time the Celebrity has a bad name because of an impostor, and the person having waited is so upset because of the Celebrity’s no-show and may spread the rumor, and whoops, the Celebrity who’s totally innocent has a bad reputation.

2. The impostor may be a look-alike, or someone who could be mistaken for the real celebrity, by someone who WANTS to make-believe it is the REAL person,( Vanity) or does not have an eye for detail, easily fooled by just the same glasses and haircut, a sort of face blindness, thus ends up being intimate with that person. The Impostor may be someone trying to score with females by taking advantage of the resemblance he bears to a specific celebrity.

Thus the actual Celebrity, innocent and totally unaware, ends up with a reputation as a cheat, should he be married or in a relationship, or a womanizer, or, or, or, and all sorts of women may come forward insisting they had a fling with him.

Even worse if the impostor befriends people on Facebook naively providing him with the real celebrities travel schedule ? The impostor so happens to be in the town going on dates at exactly the same time the real celebrity is in town.

This much for creating ” Circumstantial evidence = 30 women come forward insisting the celebrity did this and that, and the evidence shows the Celebrity was indeed in town at the exact times these dates occurred. How to talk yer way out of that one when an Innocent man ?

Thus far i know of 16 Impostor Facebook sites, each of which has been reported several times and each of which still exists = Facebook did nothing about it. How many such impostor Facebook sites are actually out there, who knows,; the 16 are only the ones i personally know of.

If Facebook was a genius strategy and creation of Big Brother, however, then it would be perfectly fine because Big Brother could be lurking at the imposters, secretly investigating/observing what they’re up to while knowing who they are. But a private business, it should be sued into bankruptcy and closed down, because it’s unacceptable to allow Impostors to exist on Facebook who may phish for information, engage in ID theft or fraud, or may try to meet women under false pretense and ruin the reputation of good people.



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