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The Vegan bogus guide to health

The Meat that’s good to eat
by Korifaeus

Should you be a vegan or vegetarian you may not be too thrilled to learn that i just had three huge south-african style Boere Worsts, which are air-dried beef sausages, my favorite snack.

I don’t have much of a sweet tooth, though an occasional Swiss or German Chocolate or Praline is a nice treat, but when it comes to a snack my preference is something hearty and savory, like beef jerky, biltong or boere worst.

Should a vegan or vegetarian so happen to stand behind me in the supermarket line, lurking into my basket to discover i live somewhat of a carnivore lifestyle, it’s not unlikely that he or she ends up trying to give me a lecture as to what a terrible human being i am. Aside from being unacceptably cruel to animals, in the eyes of a vegan or vegetarian, i also eat a VERY unhealthy diet, since it includes meat.

It’s audacious, really, for anyone to lecture others on life style, especially when it comes to nouveau vegans or vegetarians. I have YET to see a vegan/vegetarian lecturer look 100% healthy. The ones i’ve seen on PBS specials and the like, PHD’s as well as Physicians; Cardiologists, etc. don’t look healthy to me at all = pale and way too skinny.

Mind you, i’m not telling vegans or vegetarians they should be eating meat, but for physicians and medical professionals to generalize, stating meat is bad for ALL people, is a terrible thing to do, because not ALL people are made of the same genome. We may all be human beings, but we’re different kinds of human beings, the same way apes are not all alike; some apes are vegetarian ( Gorilla and Orang Utan) while the Chimp and Bonobo are Omnivores.

We, too, come from different “branches” of the homo species, and our genetic predispositions differ from individual to individual. Not to take that into consideration is science of the backwoods, with all due respect.

Many vegans i’ve known over the years developed diabetes, due to eating too many carbs. Some start gaining a tremendous amount of weight, becoming obese, while others begin looking anorexic, emaciated and haggard. A lot died prematurely of cancer, see Linda McCartney or more recently Steve Jobs.

Show me one, just one Vegan or Vegetarian, a Caucasian in his 50’s , who looks and is 100% exemplary healthy. Just one, but it has to be a Caucasian person, male or female. 100% Healthy, as in mentally healthy as well, thus no mental instabilities, paranoia, etc. And that person can not have that weird stare in her/his eyes, that looks as though the upper lid is locked in one position disabling the person from blinking.

If you’re a Caucasian Vegan or Vegetarian and read this, drop me a note if you feel you’re 100% healthy, or becamne more healthy, physically and mentally, since eating a vegan/vegetarian diet, because i doubt they exist, healthy caucasian vegans, that is. I know lecturers of vegan diets personally and though they “lecture”, they themselves do not follow the program.
They also lecture on non-smoking, non-drinking, while they smoke and drink alcohol. One PHD, once affiliated with a well known vegan-health-spa/clinic asked me if i now thought of him as a hypocrite, learning he did not follow the program he lectures to folks.

I told him, no, because he “believes” it’s good for people; he’d be a hypocrite if he’d be lecturing on health benefits but didn’t really believe it. To each it’s own, everyone has free choice, but dear vegans and vegetarians, allow us omnivores to make our own choices, as well.

For my part, aware of the discoveries in recent years of very exclusive ” Cannibal” sects ( Cults) Australia, Brazil, Russia, the U.S., etc. whose “Religion” demands they only eat vegetarian eating species, i prefer being an omnivore…



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