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A Devil’s Advocate for Lance Armstrong

America’s Champions

I imagine the Lance Armstrong controversy must be a feast for Nancy Grace, America’s Queen of innocence – a woman never having sinned (EVER), so pure and white in fact that she can cast the first stone at all times and continue throwing stones at folks who, unlike her, have sinned – done something not in accordance with her sense of morality.

I don’t know if Nancy Grace is throwing stones at Lance Armstrong, because i ever so rarely watch TV, but it sure seems to be up her alley.

Diane Sawyer, another highly praised Journalist, who must have won a Miss Squeaky Clean contest at some point in time to feel the right to put those not as squeaky clean as herself on trial, her playing Judge and Prosecutor, calling it an ” Interview”, will surely interrogate Lance Armstrong, too – giving him that ” HOW COULD YOU” look which has become a Diane Sawyer trademark. Unless, she already has, which i won’t know ‘cuz i rarely watch TV.

Thus it comes to no surprise that her Holiness, the great Oprah Winfrey, Philanthropist, Savior of Children and the under privileged, will have Lance Armstrong, America’s new Bad guy, on her show to …i guess make some inquiries as to “What was he thinking shaming the U.S. by drugging himself, getting caught and losing his 7 (was it 7 ?) medals ” ?

I’m not like Nancy Grace, Diane Sawyer or Oprah Winfrey; i’m not even close to squeaky clean, pure, white and innocent of human foibles. I’m a sinner and have sinned so many times it’s impossible to count it on a calculator with 12 zeros, i have no other choice than be Devil’s Advocate and as such be Devil’s Advocate for Lance Armstrong.

He denied taking Steroids, as i understand it , while yet the tests concluded he must have taken performance enhancing drugs, thus was ridded of his medals; his life’s achievement. Not so long ago he was America’s hero – raved about as the greatest bicycle Champ of all time – a sort of Mark Spitz of bicycling.

When fighting cancer he graced Magazine cover after cover. America stood behind him, wished him well, prayed for him to beat cancer, which was already in a high stage and incredibly difficult to beat, as we were told, it was a tremendous struggle.

He did eventually beat the terrible disease, having to take high doses of drugs, which may’ve included ” Prednisone”, or other steroids treating inflammations. In order to fight the stage of cancer he had he must have received a tremendous amount of steroidal drugs, to take on the challenge of beating the disease.

And that brings me to the drug testing, which is said to’ve shown the result ” positive” for ” steroids”.

Is it possible that the supposed ” positive” results for steroids in Lance Armstrong’s body may have been residues of the steroids he was taking during his fight against cancer ? I don’t know the details as to what was tested for drugs – his blood, his urine, tissue, fingernail clippings, hair or “fur” ( underarm and pubic hair is considered “fur”).

How long exactly will residues of steroids taken for treatment remain in the body’s cells and may show a result positive ?

But let’s assume the steroids taken during high-level cancer treatment resolve in the body and won’t show in drug testings of different cells; a medical expert would surely take ” Bodily produced Opioids”, into consideration especially since this man “struggled” for his life.

The body is a miraculously fascinating organic machine capable of creating it’s very own drugs, for example when having to overcome great Physical as well as Psychological pain, it’s able to produce endorphins and opioids to “numb” certain senses so as to overcome physical and psychological “suffering” with the least harm possible.

Assuming Lance Armstrong’s goal in life, the one goal he set for himself that meant more than anything to him because it was his “dream”, was to be a Champion Bicyclist and just as he came so close to beat the records he was struck with cancer. The psychological torture a person goes through when having to face losing one’s life at such an early age, must be horrendous, i would think.

In order to overcome such a challenge a person has to have “hope” and SOMETHING to hold on to – something he feels in NEED to achieve before dying, to feel he did not live in vain. Here he was, so close to his dream and a dream he HAD to hold on to in order to BEAT this terrifyingly dangerous disease, thus he had to gather all the strength in his body to put up a fight.

Now back to health he participates in the world’s toughest bicycle contest, the Tour de France. Unlike the other athletes who may’ve never had to face what he faced and overcame, Lance Armstrong gives it more than his all; he races for his LIFE – It’s NOW or NEVER and it may have been a NOW or NEVER every time he cycled the Tour the France, knowing he was so close to lose his life.

It is not unusual that the “surviving” of life-threatening situations results in an incredible increase of strength, due to a fighting system inside the body called ” WILL” and this WILL empowers the body so dramatically it induces the body to create opiates to numb pains experienced during strenuous physical exertion, thus the person will not feel sustained aches and injuries of muscles, tendons, etc., able to set records never thought humanly possible.

Were specific drugs found during the drug-testing, positively shown to be performance enhancing drugs ? Or is it possible that the positive results looked strikingly “similar” to performance enhancing drugs but could very well have been endogenous opiates, as well as some steroid residues from the Cancer treatment he received ?

Is the Jury still out, or could they be willing to take the above points into consideration, to perhaps hold a great American Champ innocent, for ONCE, until proven guilty beyond a reasonable doubt ?

If not, oh well, i just gave it my best not to judge too harshly only so i won’t be judged too harshly, should i ever get to Saint Peter’s gate, though chances are i’ll go straight to hell and…

Me: ” Nice horns”

Devil: ” Compliments won’t get you anywhere”

Me:” Need a Lawyer ?”



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