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Computer Glitch or really a man from the Moon ?

Live from Luna
by Korifaeus

Things happen and sometimes, who knows, things occur that can’t be explained rationally, as in a Computer glitch of some sort by which a man insisting he’s from the Moon and ON the Moon suddenly appears in the window of a computer that’s not even connected to the internet. If only he didn’t make that much sense she could believe someone pulled a practical joke on her; she was just writing, using text edit, when suddenly this window popped up…

Introducing the new Sci-Fi Series, ” Live from Luna “, brought to you by Korifaeus Entertainment. If you’re into the whole Moon landing Conspiracy stuff, or just care to indulge in Sci-Fi twilight-zone-like imaginations, please enjoy.

Here’s part 4 of 5 (this far) of the Series, which started yesterday, 😉


Here the playlist of intro and Parts 1 to 5 of the Series




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