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Why Nerds are so annoying

Nerds versus Geeks
by Korifaeus

We all know Nerds and there are few Nerds one can sincerely like because fact is most ( 99.9 %) Nerds are annoying. But what’s mind-boggling to me is that Nerds are continuously confused with ” Geeks”, with Geeks being called Nerds and visa versa.

I like Geeks; most everyone likes Geeks ‘cuz they’re fun, have a great sense of humor, thus witty and funny. They’re also “original”, innovative, think outside of the box and are ” confident”, which is a very sexy trait to have for a man, if i may say so.

Even dictionaries nowadays confuse Nerd with Geek as though it’s the same thing, but it’s not. It’s an insult to call a Geek a Nerd, but a compliment to call a Nerd a Geek. If you’ll read this and from that day forward lecture people as to the difference between a Geek and a Nerd you, too, are a Nerd because Nerds only repeat what other people came up with and then pretend they themselves came up with it to make themselves seem knowledgable, etc. while not giving the source credit; that’s Nerdism 101 in a nut shell.

Here are the essentials as to how to differentiate between a Nerd and a Geek.


A Nerd has a great passion for learning so-so facts – from History to Science, learning all about computers. Essentially, a Nerd’s goal is to accumulate a tremendous amount of old factual knowledge to lecture and repeat it in detail. Much of the factual knowledge they accumulate is not interesting and if only to fellow Nerds, because it doesn’t create “progress”.

Nerds have a tendency to obsess with Conspiracy theories, repeat all of what some found to be peculiar, drawing attention to it, giving birth to conspiracy theories. Nerds don’t analyze for themselves, for example looking at Moon landing footage and photos to come up with their “own” theory, rather look at it to verify peculiarities others pointed out, then repeat it – giving it their nod of approval.

Nerds also have a temper, which makes them even more so annoying. They only want to see it their way and have no appreciation whats-however for “new” ideas, nor farsighted innovative thinking. They stick to old facts regardless if they’re 200 years old and scientifically proven to be wrong; if a “Book” states a historic event happened then and then, and so and so, even if it’s impossible according to “logic” and reason that it couldn’t have occurred THAT way during that specific time, a Nerd will run amok to insist it is the truth because…a ” Book” said so.

Nerds interfere with progress and the reason why there isn’t any progress made in certain fields in the United States, as well as other countries around the world ( France for example) is because Nerds are in charge to give it a go or a no. The reason why Nerds are often times in a powerful position to make stop or go decisions is because they were good students, learners of facts in ” Books”, thus got great grades, impressive degrees.

These folks with impressive degrees get hired because it looks good on “paper” to have people in charge who can flaunt a few consonants behind their names = Dr. L. Doofus, PHD, MA, BS.

A Nerds biggest opponent is a “Geek”, with whom he is in constant competition, the very reason why Nerds never hire Geeks, nor work with Geeks. Nerds seek to be surrounded by Sycophants agreeing and applauding everything they say and do. They throw temper tantrums when faced with criticism, while yet they criticize and seek fault just about everywhere, and are the stereo typical finger pointers.


Geeks are original. They, too, read books and may study extensively, as well, but they don’t repeat everything, instead they question what does not appear to make “sense”, seems illogical and then… start researching to find a possible “truth” – something that makes sense.

A Geek, as opposed to a Nerd, is an Inventor. Geeks always try finding a way to do something better, easier, faster and more efficient. Let’s take the Washing Machine, for example ( invented by George Washing Ton when he still lived in Alexandria, VA). To come up with a rotating ton a person must have thought of a way to make it easier on those having to wash, which used to be done on a wash-board. It took “imagination” to come up with the idea of a rotating ton, or any invention for that matter.

Ergo: Geeks use their imagination and do not repeat old ideas, rather come up with their own. As opposed to Nerds who lack a sense of humor and are quite cynical, Geeks are witty because they’re intelligent ( Intelligence is measured by “sense” of humor). They’re fun to be around, always coming up with something new.

Geeks are often high-school or college drop-outs, thus rarely ending up with impressive degrees, thus not hired by big companies nor getting powerful positions in Government – until they made a “name” ( not a degree) for themselves for their “achievement”. They drop out of college because they know what they want early on and start pursuing their “dreams” as early as possible; invent or innovate technology, make medical discoveries, start a company; often working along side like-minded folks to create ” progress”.

Which does not mean that everyone who drops out of school is a Geek. Neither Nerds nor Geeks are in the majority; they’re a minority, though Nerds are in the majority in decisive positions in our Government, local and nationally.
I just wish it was Geeks who’re in the majority in our Government, so we could make some progress, perhaps ? 😉



5 comments on “Why Nerds are so annoying

  1. Bella Grace
    January 2, 2014

    I disagree. A lot.
    Both nerds and geeks are socially inept. Neither of them are really better than each other. Nerds are the ones, as you stated, who enjoy doing intellectual things, like reading or conducting experiments, and they most certainly DO analyze. Nerds learn from books and resources, and then they put their knowledge to use. What you described as a nerd was actually a show-off or know-it-all. I have one in my homeroom, and they are a major pain. Show-offs are not only at war with geeks but with everyone else too, even other show-offs.
    What you described as a geek is actually a genius or a gifted person, who are much better than show-offs. I have nothing to add on that- if you were defining a genius you would be spot on. Anyway, a geek is someone who is obsessed with something other than the social norm. You can be a computer geek, a comic book geek, or even a knitting geek, as long as you have little to no social skills. Geeks are not necessarily smart, they can be very dumb or have an iq of 140. Geeks don’t usually have a lot of imagination, and usually all they do is study their field of interest.
    Neither nerds or geeks are the majority of government- congressmen are just socially inept idiots.
    You will probably take offensive from this comment, so I’ll apologize in advance. At least you recognize that there is a difference between the two, which is a lot more than most people do.

    • Korifaeus
      January 2, 2014

      Dear Grace. Fair enough. What’s the Etymology of Nerd and Geek, and is there according to the root word a difference in the meaning/description, if i may ask ?

      • Bella Grace
        January 2, 2014

        A lot about the origin of the word nerd is unknown. The first known documentation is believed to be from one of Dr. Suess’s books, but I can’t remember which one. One theory is the word “nerd” derived from the term “knurd”, which is not really a word but is the opposite of drunk and basically means a boring person. The word geek is from the english word geck, which means a stupid person and the german word gek, which means crazy. It was originally used to describe circus performers who would bite the head off chickens. My how that has changed! The origins of these words would signal that a nerd is a boring, fun hating person, while a geek is a mentally ill person who likes raw chicken. The definition of these words have evolved a lot since then, and these origins don’t mean very much now.

      • Bella Grace
        January 2, 2014

        Though a nerd is usually a boring, fun loving person to people who are not nerds.

  2. Korifaeus
    January 2, 2014

    Dear Grace. If i may ask, according to whom are the origin of the words, Nerd and Geek, are unknown ? And where did you read the word ” Nerd” supposedly being rooted from ” Knurd” ? Just curious 😉

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