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Why Gun-Control is not the Answer

Mind sets
by Korifaeus

Gun control advocates are using the horrific tragedy that occurred at the Sandy Hook elementary school to finally create gun laws, while yet it’s the most dangerous thing that could possibly happen to our country = Gun control.

I’m not a gun person, nor a weapon person, i’m a scribe, and having used paper and pen in the past, i know how much harm “paper” can do. Ever had a paper cut ? Paper can create worst cuts than knifes, while yet paper is not a weapon. But were a sick person to go around and paper-cut people, ( as has happened in the past ) would we think of establishing paper-laws, to manufacture paper that doesn’t cut ?

How about kitchen knives ? Available in most any store and when used a weapon can cause significant harm ?

The above mentioned examples are able to cause harm in close range, whereas guns can cause harm from further away, which makes them more dangerous, is an often used argument against guns. True, but the weapons, regardless of paper, knife or gun are harmless instruments until they’re in possession of someone with a sick mind who wants to cause harm.

Even if gun control laws came into being, it won’t void the mind-set of violent people wanting to cause harm. If a gun or other weapon is not available to such people it will only “encourage” them to think of something else, like Molotov Cocktails. As opposed to Wikipedia’s explanation as to the history of Molotov cocktails, they were first used during the Russian Revolution, due to peasants not having any fire arms, thus created Molotov Cocktails ( formerly known as ” Greek fires” and dates back to the 7th Century, used as fire-weapon in the Byzantine Empire.)

It’s not about mentally sick people avenging themselves on others violently rather to get their name in the paper and make ” history” – getting what they always craved and were looking for = attention.

What most of the terrorists, which is exactly what they are because they create “terror”, appear to have in common is that they’re ” loners”. Some suffer from social anxiety, others are socially awkward, with interests not often shared by their peers and end up being teased for being “different”, ending up out-cast and finally isolated.

” Hate” comes from “anger” and anger comes from ” hurt”. When not feeling “accepted”, loved, a person may become angry IF lacking self-love/ self-acceptance, confidence, and that anger may turn so violent at some point it turns to hate and what “hate” is capable of, we all know by now. Though a person committing a heinous act of violence will not receive love in return, he will, however, receive “attention”…

The press and media in most other countries around the globe won’t name the accused/suspected even convicted by their full name. They’re referred to by a first name and an initial of their last name. Their photo is not seen in the headlines, nor on covers of magazines and papers, and crimes of any sort are not sensationalized with criminals being turned into infamous celebrities.

We’ve become a celebrity crazed country, with many young people no longer aiming for an education nor “achievement” , rather becoming a “celebrity” – to grace a cover, make the headlines, and the media gives troubled loners exactly what they seek = attention, …should they make a name for themselves by committing a horrible act of violence.

Me thinks we need to give our gun-control advocating elected officials and representatives a “rationality” test and ask them to thoroughly explain to us how gun control will stop a mentally ill person from committing an act of violence.

Which reminds me, what’s the latest violent video game out ?

Ps: Physicians, including Psychiatrist, Psychologists, should undergo periodical drug testing, with more and more reports coming out of Physicians ( many of them Psychiatrists ) addicted to cocaine, pain killers, etc. ( USA, France, Germany, U.K, Russia Czech Republic), to assure Mental health care professionals are up to par.



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