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Why ” The People” should fire the Government, or… the Media

by Korifaeus

Let’s assume for a moment that what the media reports, TV News, Radio News and News Papers, reflects the truth, thus the media reports what truly occurs in Washington DC – Capitol Hill, The White house, Pentagon, State department, etc.

If so and what we’re hearing and reading in the papers does indeed reflect what is happening as in the actions or inactions of our elected Government/ Government Officials, then they’re not doing their job. Not only are they not doing their job; they’re the worst employees with a below average rating in performance and utterly useless, …. if, what’s reported in the media is indeed true, that is.

What company would employ people and continue to keep the very same employees for years and years to come when fully aware they don’t do the work they’ve been “employed” to do ? A company that’s going bankrupt due to having hired employees who turned out to be the worst accountants, craftsmen, etc. thus unqualified, and kept these very same employees for decades, never doing their job, deserves to go bankrupt because of stupidity, won’t you agree ?

Why would anyone in their “right” mind support employers of said company keep that very company that produces ( or rather used to produce) a valuable product, but the “product” is not being produced because the employees aren’t doing their job, while the employer turns a blind eye and lets it go – pays them, owes loans to the world = borrows funds to pay the employees who never produce the product the company was created for in the first place ?

Exactly – sounds utterly unorthodox, dumb beyond compare, not to say insane. But, … that’s the way it currently is in the United States IF… we believe the news, that is.

We just had a “Cliff hanger”, according to the news. I swear, i didn’t give it a second of attention, sure it will be just another fear-maker, or something in that aspect, to have folks buy papers, or stay glued to the TV. At the very last minute, once again, the Cliff hanger was resolved.

Earlier this year, and a few times before that as well, we were being scared about a Government shut down, if you recall. At the “very last minute” the problem was resolved. One alarm-holler after the other, every single day and at the very last minute, every single time, the papers report the problem was resolved.

Is our Government really so out of touch with common sense, logic, rationality and more importantly “mature” business approach and etiquette with which one comes to agreements, instead of being competitive exhibiting partisan ship, acting like kids in the sandbox ?

According to the news yes.

If… the media is NOT telling the truth or distorting facts to create headlines or call ” Special Reports” and ” Breaking News” sensationalizing everything to get ratings and sell papers, embarrassing the United States internationally, making ” The People” look like the dumbest breed of folks ever to walk on the planet, then we should fire the media. But, we can’t fire the media because they have a constitutional right to…
1. Exist = Freedom of the Press.
2. Lie = make up stories to their heart’s content. ( lying is NOT against the law)

But what IF the media is NOT lying, exaggerating, making up stories ? Then we have to face the fact that we’ve elected folks, employing them to perform various duties, they’re unable to perform, which does not reflect bad on these employees, ( i.e., elected officials) instead it reflects terribly on us, ” The People”. We, “The People”, appear to be unqualified to employ folks – incapable of hiring the right folks to do the job for us.

We, The People, haven’t told the State department off yet, letting a few employees go due to being incapable ( apparently) to protect our foreign Diplomats ? Another Diplomat is said to’ve been threatened by Al Qaeda; our Ambassador in Yemen, that is. But hold on, how come Al Qaeda is able to still be a threat to our country and officials ? Bin Laden was killed and so many number one and number two men have been either captured or killed, according to the news. Thus why is Al Qaeda still able to be a threat to a country of more than 300 million people, with a powerful military, intelligence departments ( CIA, Pentagon, FBI) Law enforcement, Surveillance, and then some ?

Are those, we The People hired and pay rather well, for their jobs THAT unqualified ?
Or is the media trying to embarrass us internationally, and if so “why” ?

Is THIS what the World has come to ?
If so, shame on ” us “. See Video



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