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Hitler kneeling in front of Warsaw Ghetto

by Korifaeus

The other day i read about the Art-exhibit of a Hitler Sculpture kneeling – with his hands folded as though to pray – in front of the former Warsaw Ghetto. My first thought was, ” NICE”, because i interpreted it as the artist making Hitler “kneel” in front of the former Ghetto, asking for ” forgiveness” – praying, as though to express the deepest regret by humiliating, if not demeaning, himself before the memorial and the world, by falling on his “knees”.

” Wow”, i thought, ” powerful” – only an artist could make Hitler “kneel”.

I read on learning that not everyone saw it the way i did, nor interpreted the artist’s, Maurizio Cattelan, possible intention as a way of humiliating Hitler, making him fall to his knees with his hands folded; pleading, begging, demeaning himself by “kneeling”.

The Simon Wiesenthal Center was outraged, according to the papers; their response, according to several newspapers, is said to’ve been, quote:” One Jewish advocacy group, the Simon Wiesenthal Center, this week called the statue’s placement “a senseless provocation which insults the memory of the Nazis’ Jewish victims.”

What, i wonder, did they see, or interpret into the statue, to call it a “senseless provocation” ? And why would a “kneeling” Hitler INSULT the memory of any of the victims ? I would think that a ” kneeling” Hitler would have the exact opposite effect than insult the memory of victims ?

It took an artist to make Hitler fall to his knees in front of the former Warsaw Ghetto, and Jewish Advocacy groups are upset at Maurizio Cattelan, for humiliating and demeaning Hitler ? That’s puzzling to me.

Had the Artist depicted Hitler standing, with his right arm stretched out in ways of stating Heil Hitler, that would be another story and could positively be interpreted as an insult and provocation. But to see Hitler ” KNEEL” with folded hands, should be cause for celebration for any Jewish advocacy group, thrilled to finally see Hitler shamed, disgraced, belittled, embarrassed, demeaned and humiliated.

I believe Maurizio Cattelan, the artist, had good intentions, trying to close a most horrific chapter in history by having Hitler “kneel” and repent.

Zei Gezund



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